Window World of Fargo

Simply the Best for Less
How gratifying a feeling it is to point to Fargo and say “Here is a city that people can move to and start a successful business.” Carter and Melissa Broer, who hail from an exotic land to the east called Wisconsin, did just that when they established Window World of Fargo in 2017. The business quickly become the one to turn to for everyone’s window, siding, and patio door needs!

Schmidt’s Gems & Fine Jewelry

Shopping for jewelry can be daunting. Few of us could say very much about precious metals and stones just by looking at them, so we must rely on jewelers’ expertise in the matter. The occasions for which we buy jewelry may be the most special of our lives, so leaving things to chance simply will not do. That many stores incentivize their staff to sell aggressively can be off-putting, and to entrust a beloved heirloom to a new acquaintance for mending demands the highest degree of confidence in their abilities.