Shoe-Zam first opened in Bismarck in 2000. The locally owned business started out small in Kirkwood Mall, a venture born of owner Connie and Bob Lundin’s love for peerless customer service and world-class apparel. Those passions proved a potent combination, and so Shoe-Zam celebrated their move to a new location in Mandan last year. The store now stands as the area’s premier destination for shoe shopping.

Nordic Ware – a Well-Known Name in Minnesota and Around the World

Nordic Ware is a family-owned, American manufacturer of kitchenware products. Celebrating 73 years in business in 2019, this local company manufactures and markets an extensive line of quality cookware, bakeware, microwave and grilling products and specialty kitchenware that is distributed worldwide.


Show me the way

To the next whiskey bar

Everybody knows about The Elbow Room downtown. It’s that distinctly Midwestern species of neighborhood bar in which you could recognize every face cast in the light of the neon beer signs. Budweiser placards depicting animals that can be either hunted or milked line the walls, a NASA-like array of television screens apprise patrons of sports and only sports, and the occasional clatter of an overenthusiastically struck pool ball bouncing across the floor tiles elicits stares and tacit disapproval of everyone nearby. They all could have made that shot.

Alliance Management Group

An exceptional property manager considers hospitality to be their foremost duty. They treat their tenants not only as customers, but also as guests. This is the attitude which Alliance Management Group adheres to, and it is the primary reason for their ongoing success — it’s why they have come to manage over 1,200 units throughout the Fargo-Moorhead and Mandan, ND areas. Locally owned and operated, Alliance understands that it’s just how well they serve the communities in which they operate that will enable them to keep growing in the future.

Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

Preparing Your Container Garden:
Everything You Need to Know About Container Design!

At Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery we take pride in creating new container combinations year after year. Over the years we have perfected popular designs that our customers come back for while integrating fresh, new designs into our Lynde Design Program. Each spring our garden center crew works hard handplanting all combination patio pots and hanging baskets that are unique for our customers. We know that container design can be intimidating to a new gardener and new ideas can be hard to come up with, so that’s why we wanted to help make that process a little easier. Here are five steps to creating a successful container garden.