Garden Fresh Salads

Minnesota does get some ribbing for the abundance of gelatin-based salads that may appear at the typical neighborhood potluck or picnic here in this state. A colleague of mine has used the term fluffy salad to refer to some of those suspicious concoctions, which often seem a whole lot more like dessert than salad to me. Though they usually have some fruit in them, they also often have a box of fruit-flavored gelatin or instant pudding mix – or both – plus any number of other ingredients that have very little if anything to do with salad, like marshmallows, pieces of chocolate-covered shortbread cookies or even chunks of cut up candy bars. (Snicker’s salad, anyone?)

Twin Cities Taproom Craze – What’s on Tap?

Ever since the so-called “Surly Bill” went into law in Minnesota, brewery taprooms have sprouted up across the state like toadstools. Taprooms are typically connected to the brewery and only serve the beer or cider made on site. Food trucks usually feed the crowds that come en masse to taste the newest pilsners, pale ales, and stouts introduced regularly by the nearly 40 taprooms in the Twin Cities metro. Here are some of the latest taprooms to open across the area that you will definitely want to try out.

Twin Cities Chic – Festival Looks to Rock all Summer Long

Summer is officially here and with it comes festival season – a time when California Boho vibes meet 21st-century style. So how can you stay looking Insta-ready without raiding Kendall Jenner’s closet? Read on to see what to wear to all of the season’s quintessential events – from the 4th of July to the Great Minnesota Get-Together.