Bullington Frenchies

Genetics have reached their limit with the French Bulldog. No further breeding could produce a more impish looking creature. The Frenchie has a network of wrinkles on his forehead that makes him look constantly in thought, and his long, up pointed ears give his apple head the appearance of navy sonar equipment. He has a doughty expression with his pushed in snoot, yet no guile ever shines behind his wide-set eyes. In short, he’s a cutie.

Fargo Food Truck Festival

Food trucks are a proud American tradition. They date back to the prototypical chuckwagon of the cowboy era, a little horse-drawn field kitchen presided over by a “cookie” who’d probably smack you over the head with a ladle if he caught you sneaking chili before your shift ended. Food trucks have also played an important role in Hollywood right from its start. Imagine working as a stuntman on the set of Sparticus during filming in Death Valley, sweat pouring down your brow after a long morning shoot, and your relief at the sight a food truck puttering down the road toward you.