Amazing Swimming Pool Features

Not all of us were so fortunate growing up that we had swimming pools in our backyards. Some of us had to dig a hole in the lawn and wait for it to rain. And as we wallowed in our makeshift mud puddles, with grass clippings and drowned white grubs bobbing around our heads, we dreamed of a day when we might have our own swimming pools to fill with amazing features. Here are just a few of them!

Skydive Fargo

“My greatest jump in the Army? OK,” said Hans Nielsen, board member at Skydive Fargo. “It was an early morning dive, just south of Mount Kenya. Our plane had slowed down to 130 knots, and I and the 62 other men in my unit were all jumping out, one by one. While we were in midair, a herd of about 100 zebra, spooked by our plane’s shadow, all charged across our landing zone. They were long gone by the time we hit the ground, but I’ll never forget the sight of them as we floated down from the sky.”

Bullington Frenchies

Genetics have reached their limit with the French Bulldog. No further breeding could produce a more impish looking creature. The Frenchie has a network of wrinkles on his forehead that makes him look constantly in thought, and his long, up pointed ears give his apple head the appearance of navy sonar equipment. He has a doughty expression with his pushed in snoot, yet no guile ever shines behind his wide-set eyes. In short, he’s a cutie.