Mr. B’s Bar-B-Q

“My people were part of the great migration. I was born in the South, but I grew up in Chicago,” said Curt Bradley – the Legendary Mr. B himself, whose barbecue sauces are so good that they defy description. “Now, in Chicago there’s a barbecue joint on every corner. And that’s no big deal, because there’s nine million people living in Cook County alone.

Mermaid Luna Belle

Mermaids are real. One lives in Minnesota.

Hope McAllister had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Training for amphibious and expeditionary warfare is hard work, and our hero was feeling a bit burned out after waking up at 0400 hours every day. In her few free moments Hope liked to unwind while looking at photos on Instagram – particularly those of mermaids.

Paradise Charter Cruises

Two tickets to paradise. That Eddie Money oldie hummed through my mind all morning as I cheerily dressed for a Sunday brunch aboard Paradise Charter Cruises’ boat on Lake Minnetonka. The weather was cool and overcast skies threatened rain, but nothing was going to discourage me from going. After a long year of pandemic isolation and six months of cold weather, I was desperate for a good time out with my partner. This brunch cruise offered a perfect launchpad back into life – an affordable luxury just a few minutes from home. It turns out I need not have worried at all. Perfect weather is not required for a pleasant time on a Paradise cruise.

Overly Heartfelt

If Jessica Huang’s creations don’t magically come to life in the middle of the night and go on heartwarming adventures together, then they really ought to start doing so. Any one of the St. Paul-based artist’s creatures would look right at home in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe, dealing with some inconvenient natural phenomenon in the Hundred Acre Wood, or waiting for Alice to happen by them in Wonderland so they could shatter her ego with a cryptic allegory.

Braham Pie Day

“I hope there’s pie for breakfast, Neighbor Stone.”

-The Devil and Daniel Webster

Pies have never been a small part of Braham’s social scene. They are social currency in the town of 1,800, where a gathering of any size has traditionally called for pie. To make an exemplary pie is a badge of honor in Braham.

Fit Fuel Foods – Meals That Make a Difference

Food that is good for you can also taste good. You may not believe this if you have only tried diet food which was made in a factory – or so devoid of flavor that it barely qualifies as food at all. But when your healthful meal is prepared by a family nurse practitioner, who has spent nearly one decade teaching nutrition and wellness, and who learned the art of cooking from her own mother, then you are certain to change your mind.