Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

Hot Wheels could not have picked a better event to tie their name to than a monster truck show. What are monster trucks, after all, other than giant Hot Wheels that are capable of the jumping, bouncing, and wholesale destruction you played out so often during childhood? Little toys for kids to smash around probably predate trucks by thousands of years, too.


You throw axes at FlannelJax’s. That alone sets it apart from most other places you could spend your free time in. Try throwing axes at miniature golf, the bowling alley, or the wildlife refuge, and at best you’ll be sternly asked to leave. It is a good thing that you can throw axes at FlannelJax’s, too, because it’s incredibly fun. Hurling a five pound chunk of steel with all your might is satisfying whether you hit a target with it or not.

Kitty City

Despite what cats may think, they are not gods. They are just as prone to getting ill or injured as the rest of us. It is not a shame if you don’t wish to adopt a sick or disabled cat, but it is a shame when such cats can’t live somewhere nice, instead of being caged indefinitely, or worse. Fortunately, Mandan has a place where unadoptable cats can retire in comfort, with every amenity they’re able to enjoy. That place is Kitty City.

Window World of Fargo

Simply the Best for Less
How gratifying a feeling it is to point to Fargo and say “Here is a city that people can move to and start a successful business.” Carter and Melissa Broer, who hail from an exotic land to the east called Wisconsin, did just that when they established Window World of Fargo in 2017. The business quickly become the one to turn to for everyone’s window, siding, and patio door needs!