House of Mulciber

No medium’s properties are quite so dichotomous as those of glass. It is harder than stone in many cases, and so enduring that wine glasses made by the Romans have survived intact to this day. At the same time its fragility puts it at perpetual odds with gravity, and any hard surface around it could spell glass’s instant doom. In a sense, glass is representative of humanity’s will to create as a whole. Here we are, spinning around through space, creating marvel after marvel, when at any moment some indifferent cosmic missile could transform our entire experiment to soot.

BisMan Bombshellz

Although it had started out as a legitimate sport back in the 1930s, in the decades that followed roller derby gradually devolved into the female equivalent of the WWE. Scripted fights, fishnet stockings, and miniskirts which doubled as scientific studies into how many sequins a square inch of fabric could support before erupting under its own sparkliness took priority over athleticism, and the outcomes of the matches were often predetermined. Roller derby experienced something of a renaissance last decade, however. The showmanship angle with its stockings and sequins has endured, as have the athletes’ funny stage names like “Honey Basher” and “Princess Cut” — but the aggression, and the results of each bout for that matter, are very real indeed.

BilyRay’s Old Style Barbecue Sauce

Imagine working on a plantation in Arkansas a hundred years ago. The twinge in your lower back as you’ve bent over for the ten thousandth time to pick a potato. Heavy wooden ladders coarsening your palms as you ascend to gather splitting green pecan nuts. The sweltering Southern heat bearing down relentlessly upon you, made immeasurably worse by humidity so thick you could practically swim through it.

Huff Hills Ski Area

Most people don’t equate North Dakota with great skiing, but by admission that’s only because of the competition our country has given us. While we may boast better cheese than Colorado, and more land than Vermont (you could fit seven Green Mountain States into one Peace Garden), they’ve certainly got us beat in terms of pure elevation. This isn’t to say we haven’t got great skiing, of course — Huff Hills Ski Area is evidence enough of that.

Valley Rental



Valley Rental Service, Inc., a subsidiary of Valley Realty, Inc., began operations
in 1965. The company grew by offering quality, full-service, property
management to investor clients of multi-housing complexes developed
by the parent company. Since its beginning with 12 apartment units, the
company has grown to greater than 3000 units, including residential and
commercial management, in North Dakota and South Dakota to a variety of
sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations.