The Haunted Fort

I’m something of a connoisseur when it comes to haunted attractions. I’ve been to countless schools, ships, ski areas, forests, and farms that have been temporarily turned terrifying in honor of the Halloween season. They provide all the fun of being in a horror movie without actually having to worry about an evil clown, cannibalistic hillbilly, or nigh-invulnerable hockey-masked lunatic doing something dreadful to you.

Scream Town

Matt Dunn loved Halloween when he was a kid, but not because it meant going door to door to requisition candy from strangers. “I was a born magician, and I always loved creating illusions,” said Matt. “Whenever Halloween was coming up, I’d stay home to rig up the entire house with strings and pulleys so I could move bushes and fly bats around when trick or treaters came to the door. I was like a deranged Macaulay Culkin.”

Fargo Snow

When most people think of the best things about North Dakota, the state’s fertile soil, rollicking grasslands, and proud frontier history at once spring to mind. Few would point out its copious snowfall as its star attraction, however. Fortunately Steve Koep is standing by to make the stuff only a passing inconvenience. His company Fargo Snow has grown by leaps and bounds since he founded it after returning from his service in Iraq, and with that mounting success Fargo Snow is able to offer more and more to their community.