Back to School Shopping: The Clothes Don’t Always Make the Man

Everyone wants to make an impression on the first day of school. Back-to-school pictures will soon flood Facebook and other social media sites and the pressure to wear the trendiest styles is at an all-time high. Many parents have already started shopping for new school clothes for their children, but how do you know where to draw the line. It isn’t feasible for most families to spend hundreds of dollars on their child’s wardrobe, even if their child’s “coolness” is at stake.

Island Park Show: Fun, Fine Arts, and Food – Oh My!


Summer in the Red River Valley has many defining events: The Red River Valley Fair, the Downtown Street Fair, River Arts, and the Fargo Blues Fest among the most popular. Also on this list is the Island Park Show, held annually during the last weekend of August. The show is one of the area’s premier events, bringing in between eight and ten thousand people each year.

Guide to Area Farmers Markets: Do You Know Where Your Food Comes from?

photo-1452804882841-573355623310.jpgWhen is the last time you tasted a fruit or vegetable that came directly from a farm? How long has it been since you ate something that wasn’t processed with chemicals or preservatives? The next time you drive by a roadside vegetable stand or farmers market, top and take a look around. Pick up a fresh ear of corn or a newly picked tomato and see if you notice a difference from that found at the grocery store. If you do, you will never look at processed food the same.

The Red Silo: A Shopping Adventure You Must Experience


Most of us have a person in our life that is a nightmare to shop for. You know exactly who I am referring to – the person with eccentric taste who prefers one of a kind items as opposed to those mass produced on an assembly line. The quest for the perfect gift can lead to mounting frustration until you are at the end of your rope. Sound familiar?