Pink It Forward

If you were asked – What is your plan for the next 5 years? – what would your response be? Almost 6 years ago, that was Pink It Forward’s question when thinking about becoming a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The process is much like a business plan. What is your mission? What do you intend to accomplish in 5 years? How about 10? Now lay it out. When asked today if they ever dreamed of helping more than 3,300 individuals impacted by breast cancer, cofounder Kayla Tanhoff’s response was “Absolutely.”

Fargo Snow

Blizzards aren’t the best part about living in the Midwest for most of us. They have a way of putting a damper on our plans, and you’re lucky if you don’t get snow in your shoe. For a select few, however, last year’s eight blizzards were all opportunities to hone their skill at one of the Midwest’s most important services: snow removal. All that snowfall only made Fargo Snow better at what they do, so they’re ready for an even bigger winter this year.

Escape House Fargo

Sometimes entertainment looks curiously like a situation you’d rather not be a part of. Take apple picking: Depending on the circumstances, it’s either a picturesque family outing or a back-breaking slog. Most of us would only jump out of a plane in the event that staying on it would be unhealthy, but a select few can’t wait to prematurely depart a perfectly functional aircraft. That, reader, is called skydiving. In that vein, being stuck in a room with nothing to do but try to find a way out may sound like a dreadful Count of Monte Cristo scenario, or at best a trip to the principal’s office, but it can be a regular hoot and a holler if you do it at Escape House Fargo.

46 & 2 Tattoo

“My mother did a lot of painting when I was a kid,” said Paul Johnson of 46 & 2 Tattoo. “I used paint alongside her, which is how I began learning the trick. When I got older, I started to wonder what I could do with art. I was naturally drawn to tattoos — I was fascinated by art that could be put on the skin, so I took an apprenticeship at a parlor in the Twin Cities and then moved back to Fargo to open my own.

Potato Brothers

Sometimes the name of a business alone is enough to demand its inclusion in an issue of Shop.Dine.Live. When a great magazine editor learns that there’s a food truck called Potato Brothers, and in the Fargo-Moorhead area no less, he must dramatically swipe everything off of his desk and start feverishly at work until he’s gotten the full scoop.

Big in North Dakota

While we may lead the world in Super Bowl victories, the United States lags embarrassingly behind other countries when it comes to our giant statue situation. Our largest, the Statue of Liberty, ranks only 47th in the world! This isn’t to say that our great nation hasn’t got a wealth of big statues, however — here is only a sampling of what you can visit right here in North Dakota.