Doodling Diggsy

“A dog is content to live in the moment, unconcerned about jobs and work and everything else that goes along with adulting. A dog is an ever-present reminder to stay in the present, that each day is a gift. A dog only spends a short amount of time in this world. While they may only be a small part of your life, you are all they get.” – Macy Francisco

Two Eighty Six Sno Series: Youth Snowmobile Racing

Chad Blessum has always loved snowmobiling. He spent much of his free time as a young man tearing around on a sled, often during races held throughout North Dakota. To this day he believes the only downside to snowmobiling is that he cannot do it year-round. “I always used to say that if I had the means, I’d make my own snow for sledding,” said Chad.

The Maltese Cross Cabin

You can visit plenty of places where presidents were born – but only one where a president started life over again.

A large black cross scars the page for February 14 in Theodore Roosevelt’s diary for the year 1884. On that day, the young New York State legislator lost both his mother and his wife, Alice, the latter to a kidney ailment just one day after the birth of the couple’s daughter. Beneath the cross Roosevelt wrote, “The light has gone out of my life.”