Alliance Management Group

An exceptional property manager considers hospitality to be their foremost duty. They treat their tenants not only as customers, but also as guests. This is the attitude which Alliance Management Group adheres to, and it is the primary reason for their ongoing success — it’s why they have come to manage over 1,200 units throughout the Fargo-Moorhead and Mandan, ND areas. Locally owned and operated, Alliance understands that it’s just how well they serve the communities in which they operate that will enable them to keep growing in the future.

Devils Lake

Europeans have often taken a somewhat laid-back approach to construing natives’ names for places. When a couple of Iroquois youths casually gave Jacques Cartier directions in 1535, the boys could have little imagined that their word for village, “kanata,” would one day become the name of the second largest country on earth. Early Nebraskan settlers would have been sorely disappointed had they expected an abundance of red willows when they arrived at Red Willow Creek — the Dakota had named it “chanshasha wakpala” after the red dogwoods there, but someone bungled the translation. In that vein, the somewhat imposingly named Devils Lake in North Dakota had originally been called “mni wak’á? chante,” which roughly translates to “sacred water” in the Dakota language. It’s a shame the lake’s name got flipped on its end, as its original one suits it far better.

Perham Lakeside Tap

They say that a bad day of golf beats the best day at work, and as an expert on playing golf very badly I can wholly agree. No matter how well or poorly you play, a day of golf is just too rare an occasion to enjoy anywhere but at the finest course. Perham Lakeside is just such a course, and at only an hour and 15 minutes east of Fargo makes for the ideal summer outing. Perham Lakeside offers 27 holes, the only course in its 90 mile radius to do so, and names each nine according to the trees which beautify them: Oak, Maple, and Pine. These are challenging holes, each masterfully designed to offer their own unique nuances and test the entirety of players’ skill, and landscaped just as lovingly. Summertime demands that you make the trip at least once to this golfer’s paradise.

Remer, MN: Home of Bigfoot

Remer’s first settlers in the late 1800s quickly learned that they shared the town with some inhuman neighbors. Great prints not altogether unlike a man’s regularly materialized in muddy riverbanks, although they were far deeper than a man’s weight could ever press them down. Small tufts of dark fur not attributable to bears were found clinging to the balsams. People frequently caught glimpses of darkened forms flitting between the trees, although on occasion they saw them clear as day. Bigfoot — more than one, even Bigfoot children, were spotted regularly throughout the area. “Saw Bigfoot at lunch today” was not an unusual note to drop into casual conversation in old Remer.

Jay Ray Carves

When we are asked to define what great art is, it’s easy to fall into snobbery and only offer highfalutin examples. We all know that the Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, and Sistine Chapel ceiling comprise the best of the best of what mankind has created in the past — but great art needn’t have been made centuries ago by some long gone genius to be deemed as such. Great art may very well have been chainsawed into the form of a jovial bear by a Fargoan in his garage one afternoon. This is exactly the case for Jay Ray.