Fit Fuel Foods – Meals That Make a Difference

Food that is good for you can also taste good. You may not believe this if you have only tried diet food which was made in a factory – or so devoid of flavor that it barely qualifies as food at all. But when your healthful meal is prepared by a family nurse practitioner, who has spent nearly one decade teaching nutrition and wellness, and who learned the art of cooking from her own mother, then you are certain to change your mind.

Guide to Window Glass

ADX Florence is America’s only supermax prison. Cells there are reserved for the worst kinds of villains: terrorists, spies, gang kingpins, and hopefully all the people who were mean to me back when I was in middle school. A 7′ by 12′ cell contains a concrete bed, a combination sink and toilet, a shower set to a timer, and possibly a television set if its occupant has behaved especially well.