Valley Paintball

“My first experience with paintball was in 2009, when my boys and I were invited to a birthday party at a nearby course,” recalled Neil Burley, the owner of Valley Paintball. “They were five and seven years old at the time, and even though they weren’t exactly the most effective players on our team, they just loved it.”

Game Show Battle Rooms

I’ve always loved game shows, dating all the way back to Nickelodeon’s heyday with Legends of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare. (I even got to go on Wild & Crazy Kids when I was eight. It wasn’t televised, so magazine writing is my late-life grab at a claim to fame.) As I grew older and more sophisticated I fell into classics like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, and of course the very cerebral Supermarket Sweep — seeing how much ham and cough syrup you can stuff into a shopping cart in 40 seconds is a thinking man’s game.

Prairie Brothers Brewing Company

Don Kenna’s first beer was just like everyone else’s: a horrendously cheap brand, squirreled away to the home of a high school classmate whose parents had trusted them alone, and gulped down guiltily. He didn’t like his first beer a bit, but rather than commit social hari-kari, he pretended that he did. Fortunately for us, Don eventually acquired a taste for it.

Vinyl Taco

The best way to make something magnificent is to combine two things that are already great on their own.  Combine milk and sugar, and you get ice cream. Combine corn and the South, and you get Bourbon. Put Paul McCartney and John Lennon together, and you get The Beatles.  Put The Beatles and Yoko Ono together, and you get a couple of amazing solo careers, plus you still have Yoko Ono.