Leela & Lavender

Style adventure. Passion for good.

Jill Shea and Laura Polanski began working together in retail fashion long before opening the doors to their first Leela & Lavender. Some of their duties, like traveling abroad and attending fashion shows, were as glamorous as you might imagine. Others, such as sourcing inventory and business planning, may not have involved runways but were important nonetheless. 

The H&D Schilling Building

1400 43rd Avenue NE, Bismarck

When Cary Schilling’s parents Harvey and Diane bought some land on Bismarck’s north side back during the early ’90s, they had supposed the space should one day have storage units. But the city kept on growing. It took Cary 600 thousand pounds of steel and 88,230 bricks to create the H&D Schilling Building, which today hosts a variety of fine, locally owned businesses. Visit and support Bismarck’s aspiring entrepreneurs – the H&D Schilling Building has got something for everyone!

Wedding Planning With Renee Murrish

Be a Guest at Your Own Event!

Planning even a casual get together among a few friends can get extremely complicated. Planning a memorable event or celebration for hundreds of people, on the other hand, takes considerable experience, the patience of a saint, and a four-star general’s talent for strategy – which are not coincidentally all Renee Murrish’s gifts.