Bismarck Brewing

Many great companies began in a garage: Disney, Apple, Mattel, and even Google were conceived in the same room that you would keep mouse traps and paint stripper in. (Those mouse traps may have even played some part in Disney’s formation.) In the future, however, all of those companies will be seen as massive failures, because they made pointless things instead of beer. Bismarck Brewing, which was founded by stepbrothers Peter Bopp and Jordan Everaert, will be remembered as one of the few enterprises born in a garage that got things right.

Taylor Made BBQ

The smell of ribs crisping in a pall of wood smoke. The drip of coleslaw juice running down your hands as you bite into a thick pulled pork sandwich. The diamond shimmer of condensation on a cold beer. Every sensation of barbecue is inseparable from the summertime, the perfect meal to accompany the hum of june bugs as they bumble fatly over the glass-green fields.

Game Show Battle Rooms

I’ve always loved game shows, dating all the way back to Nickelodeon’s heyday with Legends of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare. (I even got to go on Wild & Crazy Kids when I was eight. It wasn’t televised, so magazine writing is my late-life grab at a claim to fame.) As I grew older and more sophisticated I fell into classics like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, and of course the very cerebral Supermarket Sweep — seeing how much ham and cough syrup you can stuff into a shopping cart in 40 seconds is a thinking man’s game.