Bearscat Bakehouse

Everybody loves donuts

Lord knows I do

Everybody loves donuts

Let’s eat just one or two

– Matt “Chainsaw” Chaney

Choosing a name is arguably the most important part of starting a new business. A great name will tell your customers what you do, while at the same time instilling confidence in your services. Many entrepreneurs take a direct approach when naming their businesses. “Ernie’s Pizza” in Philadelphia, for example, tells you two things: That there is a man named Ernie, and that he nearly certainly has pizza.

Karen’s Kuchens

Many people believe that museums, libraries, and universities are the conservators of civilization’s most precious treasures. This belief is incorrect, especially when it comes to universities, institutions that have been corrupted to their very cores as of late thanks to the influence of radical professors who believe, condemnably, that part of a student’s final grade should be based on attendance. Rather, they are grandmas who preserve the very best of what humanity has cooked up during our short time on earth. They know the dessert recipes.

The Haunted Fort

I’m something of a connoisseur when it comes to haunted attractions. I’ve been to countless schools, ships, ski areas, forests, and farms that have been temporarily turned terrifying in honor of the Halloween season. They provide all the fun of being in a horror movie without actually having to worry about an evil clown, cannibalistic hillbilly, or nigh-invulnerable hockey-masked lunatic doing something dreadful to you.

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch

Not all Halloween season attractions have to have hockey masked actors and ghoulish special effects around every other corner. Sometimes the best way to celebrate the autumnal spirit is with a pleasant trip to somewhere wholesome, replete with hay bale castles, a practically limitless supply of pumpkins, and a cannon designed to fire them as far as a mile away where they explode on impact. This is the essence of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, a little farm in Bismarck devoted solely to quaint family fun.