The 32nd Annual Corral Sales Dakota Classic Modified Tour

Fantastically powerful engines beating their pistons back and forth with zero abandon. Black rubber tires clinging to the hot clay track for dear life. White-knuckled drivers furiously intent on shaving every possible millisecond from their lap times. North Dakota’s biggest racing event of the year! It’s the 32nd Annual Dakota Classic Modified Tour, and it’s returning to the Dacotah Speedway in Mandan this July! Whether you’re a fanatical motorhead or just love a good show, this is one summer night extravaganza you cannot miss.

All Seasons Outdoor – The Bismarck-Mandan Area’s Best Sprinkler System Provider

Drew Papke started out mowing lawns. Mowing, as anyone who has ever mowed knows, is difficult work, but Drew appreciated the opportunities his new business created. By simply showing up on time and paying exceptional attention to detail, Drew quickly turned his new lawncare company into one of the most popular in the Bismarck-Mandan area.