Tires Plus Total Car Care

You have surely seen a few Tires Plus stores in your travels. They were founded next door in Minnesota in 1976, and today they offer more than 600 locations across the country. Tires Plus is not a traditional franchise, however. Each one is owned and operated by a local entrepreneur who knows the importance of superlative customer service in a fiercely competitive market.

Stage Stop Saloon & Grill

Luke Clausen used to be an oil man. It was a difficult job made no more comfortable by the dining options around an oil field. Luke lived through many a cold sandwich in the cab of his pickup truck. When he could return to some island of civilization in the middle of nowhere, he only wanted steak. The grayish shoe leather served at dives and truck stops had to do.

Amazing Swimming Pool Features

Not all of us were so fortunate growing up that we had swimming pools in our backyards. Some of us had to dig a hole in the lawn and wait for it to rain. And as we wallowed in our makeshift mud puddles, with grass clippings and drowned white grubs bobbing around our heads, we dreamed of a day when we might have our own swimming pools to fill with amazing features. Here are just a few of them!