International Wolf Center

Wolves get a bad rap, but they receive it through no fault of their own. The wolves in Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs were both motivated only out of hunger, Wolf Blitzer was probably just coming out of a bad breakup when he scored negative $4,600 on Celebrity Jeopardy!, and Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full only seemed lackluster because it had to be compared to his earlier masterpiece Bonfire of the Vanities. In fact, wolves are lovely creatures deserving only of our admiration, protection, and beaver carcasses.

Something Rotten!

Something Rotten! is coming to Bismarck! Conceived by the Kirkpatrick brothers in the 1990s and ripened in development until its Broadway premiere in 2015, the musical comedy tells the story of theatricians Nick and Nigel Bottom and their quest to get a leg up on some obscure literary figure named William Shakespeare. Something Rotten! plays with classical themes and pays homage to beloved productions like Les Misérables (a timeless epic about two innkeepers on a quest to recover their adopted daughter after she’d been absconded with by an ex-convict) and West Side Story (which teaches audiences that jazz tap provides a solid foundation for knife fighting techniques), but also reinvigorates them with modern twists and humor. The original production was nominated for ten Tony Awards, more than enough to merit its ongoing national tour.

Executive Air Taxi

Executive Air Taxi Corporation, headquartered in Bismarck, ND, began operations in 1973 filling a niche in private air transportation. The company has grown from a modest one airplane service to what now includes the largest charter aircraft and fleet available in the upper Midwest that meets the needs of a wide variety of clients. Whether on a day business trip or an extended excursion to a vacation destination, Executive Air has you covered. Today’s business travelers need and demand the reliability and flexibility that private air charter provides, whether meeting with clients face to face, visiting a job site or closing a deal, to medical personnel visits to patients at a remote clinic, Executive Air can accommodate your schedule and be back in time for dinner with family.

Stonehome Brewing Company

Stonehome Brewing Company’s first location in Watford City, ND opened its doors to much acclaim from the local community back in 2016. They’ve now extended that success to Bismarck with the opening of their second location here last year. Intended to showcase just how good craft beer can be, the wholesome restaurant is an exciting destination for beer lovers and families alike.

Lady on the Lake Bed & Breakfast

Because she grew up in the strange and distant land of South Dakota, Sandy Meyer wasn’t familiar with the history of the 19th century Colonel Hankinson Mansion in Hankinson, ND when she first saw it. Rather, what she saw was something she wanted dearly. She said as much to her husband, career dairy and cattle feed farmer Marshall Meyer, who with the pragmatism characteristic of his profession explained that owning such an old home was out of the question.