The Enigma Emporium

Hello, detective. You’ll not know my name, but I know you, and I know your impressive reputation as a breaker of codes and solver of crimes. Well, I come offering you both. The FBI has tried to catch me with zero success. Let us see if you can do any better. In these cards I offer you four confessions, as well as the location of the crime that has been committed. Every Moriarty needs his Holmes (though not every Moriarty became that way by choice…) At any rate, let us put your wits and wisdom to test. I wish you luck, my new friend. Truly, I don’t think you know how much I wish you good luck, companion…

Wish You Were Here

Christmas at the Bismarck Event Center

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Lorie Line
December 1
Belle Mehus Auditorium

Watching a pianist like Lorie Line in action always makes me wish I had spent my childhood learning an instrument instead of frying toy soldiers with a magnifying glass. The Minnesota Music Hall of Famer has now toured for three decades, performed on over 2,000 stages, and recorded over 50 CDs. She will delight at the Belle Mehus Auditorium for two shows on the 1st, but you had better nail down your ticket sooner than later if you would like to see Lorie — she only plays to sold out shows!

Santa Claus

“My first experience as Santa was like a lot of other Santas’,” said Santa Claus. “I was pressed into service. The organization I used to work for had an annual Christmas celebration, and 33 years ago they decided I was handsome enough to wear the suit. When they asked me to do it again the following year, I told them I would so long as they gave me a decent, professional suit that I could keep. I was their Santa for another 13 years — a good deal for them, I think.

Executive Air Taxi Corporation

Executive Air Taxi Corporation, based in Bismarck, ND, continues to grow and respond to client needs in air transportation throughout the upper Midwest. Most recently, the company has added two additional aircraft specifically selected and designed for its client base, a King Air F90 and a Hawker 800XP Jet bringing its already wide ranging fleet to what now includes the largest charter aircraft and fleet available in the upper Midwest.

Chris & Sons LLC

Christmastime is a cascade of special moments, and with the exception of the church they all take place right at home: Starring the top of the tree, kids berserkly unwrapping presents, the ceremonial presentation of nog, the annual screening of A Christmas Story, and as many traditional treats as there are families to enjoy them. It is no wonder why people like to feather their nests with lights for a holiday that revolves so tightly around their homes.

Stonehome Brewing Company

Stonehome Brewing Company’s first location in Watford City, ND opened its doors to much acclaim from the local community back in 2016. Eager to present an encore, the restaurant and brewery’s co-owners opened their second location in the heart of Bismarck just last year. It is evident that their mission to show just how good gourmet food and craft beer can be is destined to be met with success wherever it takes them. Ever growing in popularity, even non-North Dakotans are increasingly making the journey to enjoy Stonehome’s superlative fare.