Edwinton Brewing Company

Restaurateur Dale Zimmerman has an affinity for preserving our local history in his businesses. That’s why he keeps his Peacock Alley in its original location at the Patterson Hotel, and why 40 Steak & Seafood’s five dining rooms each showcase one of North Dakota’s bygone eras. It’s also why when the city determined that the old Northern Pacific Railway Depot was in dire need of resuscitation as a public gathering space, Dale was happy to jump at the opportunity. He and his wife bought the old building four years ago and got right to work.

Buckstop Junction Harvest Festival

There aren’t many places you can go anymore where it feels like you’re truly stepping back in time. Your grandma’s house and the entire state of Vermont both come to mind, but those places come with the setbacks of having to explain how a DVD player functions ad nauseum and not being able to take two steps without sinking into a trough of maple syrup, respectively. Buckstop Junction suffers from neither such shortcoming. Their collection of lovingly restored and maintained classic buildings from throughout the area serves as an inspiring reminder that we haven’t left history behind but are merely only continuing it, and it always makes for a fine summer outing. Buckstop Junction will be at its absolute best on August 17th, because that is when they will throw their Harvest Festival.

Mees Physical Therapy & Reclaim Health

When Melissa “Missy” Mees opened Mees Physical Therapy in Lincoln last September, her goal of treating five patients daily seemed ambitious at first. Only two weeks after the grand opening, however, the outpouring of support from the local and surrounding communities meant her goal would become moot. Missy is now partnering with local chiropractor Dr. Coty R. Sicble, DC and creating a new business named Reclaim Health! Reclaim Health will open late July in a new location, but still nestled in the town of Lincoln. Missy and Coty share the same treatment philosophy and are thrilled to show patients how this new teamwork will greatly benefit their overall health.

Dakota Zoo

How much poorer would the world be without its zoos? Until we had the clever idea to house animals from all over the globe in one place, only the most intrepid hunters and explorers had any hope of seeing a wolf, a tiger, and a scarlet macaw in one lifetime, let alone an afternoon. Not since Noah’s day had so many creatures been available for viewing all at once — and even then the sight was only available to a very select few.