Guide to Fireplaces

It may be the perfect temperature outside right now, but true Midwesterners know that’s just Mother Nature’s trick to lull us into a sense of false security before she torments us with yet another hard winter. Now is the time to think about how you’re going to keep your tootsies toasty before it becomes too late. If you’d like to take some of the burden off of your furnace while adding a lot to the ambiance of your home, a fireplace is just the way to go about it. This is a primer on your options.

Fall Family Fun (Bismarck)

Depending on your age, Halloween demands a certain kind of celebration. If you’re over 30 and therefore too old to have fun, the holiday is all about making sure you don’t run out of little Twix bars for the trick-or-treaters for fear of getting your house egged. If you’re still young and cool, it’s all about drinking beer and pretending you’re not tired of listening to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” And if you’re a little kid, it’s all about enjoying wholesome fun with your parents and not getting so scared that you wind up ruining your Paw Patrol pajamas later that evening. Here are some good, clean, and local Halloween celebrations that you can take the kids to.

Cotton Wood

Jill Weise counts herself lucky for getting kicked out of piano lessons when she was in fourth grade. The piano is not a bluegrass instrument, so it would not have helped her find her calling like the guitar she picked up afterward did. She would only play to herself until she volunteered at a bluegrass festival in Washburn, ND in 1990.