Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

Hot Wheels could not have picked a better event to tie their name to than a monster truck show. What are monster trucks, after all, other than giant Hot Wheels that are capable of the jumping, bouncing, and wholesale destruction you played out so often during childhood? Little toys for kids to smash around probably predate trucks by thousands of years, too.

Kitty City

Despite what cats may think, they are not gods. They are just as prone to getting ill or injured as the rest of us. It is not a shame if you don’t wish to adopt a sick or disabled cat, but it is a shame when such cats can’t live somewhere nice, instead of being caged indefinitely, or worse. Fortunately, Mandan has a place where unadoptable cats can retire in comfort, with every amenity they’re able to enjoy. That place is Kitty City.

The Enigma Emporium

Hello, detective. You’ll not know my name, but I know you, and I know your impressive reputation as a breaker of codes and solver of crimes. Well, I come offering you both. The FBI has tried to catch me with zero success. Let us see if you can do any better. In these cards I offer you four confessions, as well as the location of the crime that has been committed. Every Moriarty needs his Holmes (though not every Moriarty became that way by choice…) At any rate, let us put your wits and wisdom to test. I wish you luck, my new friend. Truly, I don’t think you know how much I wish you good luck, companion…

Wish You Were Here

Christmas at the Bismarck Event Center

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Lorie Line
December 1
Belle Mehus Auditorium

Watching a pianist like Lorie Line in action always makes me wish I had spent my childhood learning an instrument instead of frying toy soldiers with a magnifying glass. The Minnesota Music Hall of Famer has now toured for three decades, performed on over 2,000 stages, and recorded over 50 CDs. She will delight at the Belle Mehus Auditorium for two shows on the 1st, but you had better nail down your ticket sooner than later if you would like to see Lorie — she only plays to sold out shows!