Trees for Your Yard

Picture the perfect yard. Your vision doesn’t necessarily include gazing balls, pink flamingos, whirligigs, or ceramic gnomes, but it nearly certainly involves at least one tree. Trees make the landscape. Not only do they beautify and add depth to any property, but the shade they cast can measurably lessen how much you’ll have to spend on air conditioning. Trees also provide oxygen, which is necessary in order to breathe. I wholly advocate that you plant trees in your yard, if only to make up for the untold acres of the things that have been sawn down to print this magazine. Here are some of your best options as a North Dakotan!

Bruno’s Pizza

Some of the Best Memories Are Made Over a Slice of Pizza

Since 2008, Bruno’s Pizza has prided themselves on using only the finest ingredients to make Italy’s greatest gift to the world. Every pizza they craft starts hand tossed to the customer’s favorite thickness. And once that perfect crust is topped with Bruno’s own seasoned pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella, the magic is ready to begin.