The H&D Schilling Building

1400 43rd Avenue NE, Bismarck

When Cary Schilling’s parents Harvey and Diane bought some land on Bismarck’s north side back during the early ’90s, they had supposed the space should one day have storage units. But the city kept on growing. It took Cary 600 thousand pounds of steel and 88,230 bricks to create the H&D Schilling Building, which today hosts a variety of fine, locally owned businesses. Visit and support Bismarck’s aspiring entrepreneurs – the H&D Schilling Building has got something for everyone!

Window World of Fargo

Superior Products, Professionally Installed, at a Guaranteed Low Price

If you were asked to describe a horrible room, what is the first word that would come to mind? “Windowless.” The importance of great windows begs no explanation. Without them you can’t enjoy the beautiful weather, yet plenty of horrible weather will get inside your house nonetheless.

Pumphouse Creamery Handmade Ice Cream

I am from Vermont, a state fiercely protective of her few specialties. The consensus in Vermont is that leaves only turn color there in the autumn, ski mountains out west are too tall, and Canadian maple syrup contains pesticides. Likewise, Vermonters believe that any ice cream which doesn’t originate from a certain factory in Waterbury is suspect in some way.