GirlTime Getaways

Men are great people, but as one I understand why a woman might occasionally prefer to travel solely in the company of other women. Sometimes while driving I pause as I’m explaining important things to my girlfriend such as how Elmer Keith invented the 44 Magnum or why Final Fantasy VI is better than Final Fantasy VII, and I look over to the right and see the poor woman trying to asphyxiate herself with a seatbelt. (It’s a two way street, of course: She starts droning about trivialities like her job or family and I veer right off the road.)

The St. Paul Saints Entertainment

Front-office promoter Mike Veeck’s big idea, Disco Demolition Night, was perfect in theory. Guests would come to Comiskey Park on June 12th, 1979, when his father Bill Veeck’s team the Chicago White Sox would be playing a doubleheader, and pay only 98 cents per ticket if they also turned in a disco record. At the end of the first game, the records would be piled in center field and then blown to smithereens. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Hot Sam’s Antiques & Foto Park

Drive though Lakeville on I-35W and you’ll see a great yellow billboard: “Hot Sam’s 10-Acres Antweaks & Photo Park.” It is a singular place: an antique shop surrounded by sculptures welded from scrap and other curiosities, presided over by Alley-Oop. Whether you would go to take photos with the myriad props or just drink in its uncanny energy, Hot Sam’s is well worth the trip.