The Donut Trap

California is America’s Donutland. Los Angeles alone has almost 1,500 independent donut shops, which is impressive even for a town that covers half a thousand square miles. Now, I’m not suggesting that Minnesota is lacking in any way, but a Californian might see our beautiful state for its dreary lack of donut shops. One such Californian named Bradley Taylor decided to make a change for the better.

Dan Turpening’s Accordion Shoppe

Legos and Fellini: You wouldn’t suppose the two might make an accordion repairman until you spoke with Dan Turpening. 

As a boy Dan spent endless hours holed up in a milsurp tent playing with Legos, developing his mechanical acumen to a point where he could build a three-speed manual transmission. Later on Dan would watch Amarcord, Fellini’s great coming-of-age story set in Mussolini’s Italy. Having listened to the original soundtrack for Amarcord only once, Dan set aside his trombone in favor of the accordion. 

International Owl Center

Owls have meant a lot of different things to the sentient apes which ascribe meaning to things. In Ancient Greece the bird accompanied Pallas Athena and symbolized wisdom. As the old gods fell into disfavor, the owl took on a ghoulish role as a witch’s familiar. In Japan the owl symbolizes luck. In Laos, to hear an owl’s hoot is to receive certain indication that someone dear to you is in for a bad time.

Tailors On Blake

I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.

– Oscar Wilde

Speak with any great tailor and you will soon learn they were raised by a great tailor. Sharon Terry, the owner of Tailors On Blake, is no exception. Under her grandmother’s tutelage Sharon began sewing clothes for her Barbie dolls at a very young age, and she made her first dress when she was 12.