Wells Fargo Mpls WinterSkate

Ice holds a particular attraction for Minnesotans. They fish on it, play hockey on it, dance on it — I’ve even seen some of them put it in their drinks. It’s not hard to understand the affinity, given that the entire state is enveloped in the stuff for nearly ten months out of the year. It’s only natural that we should have figured out everything fun that there is to do with ice.

Minneapolis Bouldering Project

The area I grew up in was absolutely inundated with swimming holes. One of these was under a bridge that had been built for trains but repurposed for snowmobiles, about a 20 foot drop, or 25 if you leapt from the rail. To get back to the bridge from the water took either a short swim to the shore or a perilous climb up its pier; I do not have to tell you which route 14 year old boys, who know that their spines are unsnappable, preferred.

Nordic Ware — a Well-Known Name in Minnesota and Around the World

Nordic Ware is a family-owned, American manufacturer of kitchenware products. Celebrating 72 years in business in 2018, this local company manufactures and markets an extensive line of quality cookware, bakeware, microwave and grilling products and specialty kitchenware that is distributed worldwide.

Santa Tom

Very few men among us are blessed with the robust physique, the saintly good looks, and the spirit of benefaction that it takes to serve as one of Santa Claus’ ambassadors from the North Pole. Fortunately for Santa Tom, he had already been gifted with the whole package when he first received his calling to portray the jolly old elf several years ago.

Bluestem Reindeer Ranch

With the exception of the Easter Bunny, no animal is as central to a holiday as the reindeer is to Christmas. The arctic ungulate’s efforts are completely indispensable to Santa’s mission to bring toys to good girls and boys, and coal to the ones who antagonize their parents. Suppose Santa’s sleigh were powered by some other creature, like the donkey or ox or noble house cat — it just wouldn’t be as impressive without the reindeer’s stately antlers, bulbous snoot, and inestimable charm. Christmas would be ruined.