Native Americans have treasured the pipestone quarries for thousands of years. The Dakota, the Mandan, and the Iowa tribes have all hand-quarried the spot in southwest Minnesota named for its soft red stone, which they used to carve ornate ceremonial and prayer pipes. These pipes were so highly prized in pre-Columbian America that archaeologists have unearthed them from Manitoba all the way to Georgia.

Guide to Window Glass

ADX Florence is America’s only supermax prison. Cells there are reserved for the worst kinds of villains: terrorists, spies, gang kingpins, and hopefully all the people who were mean to me back when I was in middle school. A 7′ by 12′ cell contains a concrete bed, a combination sink and toilet, a shower set to a timer, and possibly a television set if its occupant has behaved especially well. 

Edge Bowfishing

“Of all the sports, I’ve never met one more pure and fun than bowfishing.”

Curt Cich is an avid outdoorsman. Whenever civilization doesn’t demand his presence you might find Curt playing golf, navigating the backcountry via snowmobile, or demonstrating the effect of BB steel shot on snow geese. Curt is also a bowhunter and fisherman, although at first he was skeptical about intermingling the two disciplines.