A Space Designed for Well-Being – Applying the Principles of Biophilic Design 

Biophilia: “Love of life or living systems,” and the positive human response toward nature. 

Imagine entering a room to the sight of vivid flowers and the scent of green herbs. You hear the happy melody of songbirds, feel the warmth of a crackling fire, and are soothed by the sound of flowing water. 

Marina Kittaka: Video Game Maker

Video games are a catch-22. When you’re young you have all the time in the world to rot in front of a screen playing video games, but at best a paperboy’s budget to spend on them. And when you can finally afford all the video games you’d like, you inevitably find yourself preoccupied with distractions such as your job, your wife, your kids, or your idiot dog who somehow managed to swallow an entire sweat sock and now needs to go to the vet. (I turned my back for three seconds.)

Help Boardshop and Indoor Skatepark

Support your Local Rider

I was young and impressionable during the height of the skateboarding craze. I played all the Tony Hawk video games, wore the chunky sneakers, and hung out with my friends at the elementary school parking lot doing the most terrible “tricks” imaginable. “Watch this,” I would warn everyone, and then balance on the back wheels of my skateboard for an instant. I was cool.