The Donut Trap

California is America’s Donutland. Los Angeles alone has almost 1,500 independent donut shops, which is impressive even for a town that covers half a thousand square miles. Now, I’m not suggesting that Minnesota is lacking in any way, but a Californian might see our beautiful state for its dreary lack of donut shops. One such Californian named Bradley Taylor decided to make a change for the better.

Dan Turpening’s Accordion Shoppe

Legos and Fellini: You wouldn’t suppose the two might make an accordion repairman until you spoke with Dan Turpening. 

As a boy Dan spent endless hours holed up in a milsurp tent playing with Legos, developing his mechanical acumen to a point where he could build a three-speed manual transmission. Later on Dan would watch Amarcord, Fellini’s great coming-of-age story set in Mussolini’s Italy. Having listened to the original soundtrack for Amarcord only once, Dan set aside his trombone in favor of the accordion.