Nick’s Auto Sales

Since they first opened their doors for business nine years ago, Nick’s Auto Sales has made quite a name for themselves in the Fargo-Moorhead community. The locally owned dealership hasn’t relied on flashy advertising campaigns or marketing gimmicks to build their collection of quality pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale from the four they started out with to the upward of 50 they now offer at any given time. Rather, the people at Nick’s focus on how they may best serve each and every one of their customers, one sale at a time.

Karen’s Kuchens

Many people believe that museums, libraries, and universities are the conservators of civilization’s most precious treasures. This belief is incorrect, especially when it comes to universities, institutions that have been corrupted to their very cores as of late thanks to the influence of radical professors who believe, condemnably, that part of a student’s final grade should be based on attendance. Rather, they are grandmas who preserve the very best of what humanity has cooked up during our short time on earth. They know the dessert recipes.

Cats Cradle Shelter

Like nearly all cat lovers, Gail Ventzke has loved cats since before she could remember. Her childhood days spent on her grandparents’ farm helped to seal the deal. “They couldn’t have had more than ten cats at any given time,” Gail remembered, “But to a little girl, it seemed like there was a new litter of kittens behind every other hay bale. I always loved playing with them, watching them looking for mice, or if there were no mice, for a sunny place to lie in. I wished that every cat could be so content.”

Pink It Forward

According to the American Cancer Society, there were an estimated 310,260 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed among men and women in 2017. Pink It Forward – a local nonprofit whose mission is to provide hope and empowerment by enriching the lives of all those affected by breast cancer – is continuing to do what they can to make a difference in the lives of each and every one of those individuals.