Potato Brothers

Sometimes the name of a business alone is enough to demand its inclusion in an issue of Shop.Dine.Live. When a great magazine editor learns that there’s a food truck called Potato Brothers, and in the Fargo-Moorhead area no less, he must dramatically swipe everything off of his desk and start feverishly at work until he’s gotten the full scoop.

Big in North Dakota

While we may lead the world in Super Bowl victories, the United States lags embarrassingly behind other countries when it comes to our giant statue situation. Our largest, the Statue of Liberty, ranks only 47th in the world! This isn’t to say that our great nation hasn’t got a wealth of big statues, however — here is only a sampling of what you can visit right here in North Dakota.

Edwinton Brewing Company

Restaurateur Dale Zimmerman has an affinity for preserving our local history in his businesses. That’s why he keeps his Peacock Alley in its original location at the Patterson Hotel, and why 40 Steak & Seafood’s five dining rooms each showcase one of North Dakota’s bygone eras. It’s also why when the city determined that the old Northern Pacific Railway Depot was in dire need of resuscitation as a public gathering space, Dale was happy to jump at the opportunity. He and his wife bought the old building four years ago and got right to work.

Buckstop Junction Harvest Festival

There aren’t many places you can go anymore where it feels like you’re truly stepping back in time. Your grandma’s house and the entire state of Vermont both come to mind, but those places come with the setbacks of having to explain how a DVD player functions ad nauseum and not being able to take two steps without sinking into a trough of maple syrup, respectively. Buckstop Junction suffers from neither such shortcoming. Their collection of lovingly restored and maintained classic buildings from throughout the area serves as an inspiring reminder that we haven’t left history behind but are merely only continuing it, and it always makes for a fine summer outing. Buckstop Junction will be at its absolute best on August 17th, because that is when they will throw their Harvest Festival.

Best Foods of the Minnesota State Fair

All You Can Drink Milk

When I’ve spent a good time baking in the hot midday sun, there is only one beverage capable of restoring my calcium and vitamin D levels back to their status quo: milk, in a quantity definable only by as much of the stuff that I care to have. No other beverage will do. All You Can Drink Milk, whose milk is supreme because it comes from strong and proud local cows, is just what you need in order to fortify yourself before setting out to the 4-H building where you can assess which teenager has bred the handsomest turkey.

Live at the North Dakota State Fair

The North Dakota State Fair is returning to Minot this July for its 96th year. Listening to kids scream for dear life as they’re whisked around by the Tornado ride, becoming torpid with the onion rings and pie served by the First Lutheran Church, and applying your own considerable expertise in goats to prognosticate which goats are going to win the goat show — these are all crucial parts of celebrating any North Dakotan summer, but it’s the fair’s concerts that make the biggest memories. Here are the big, hot acts coming to this year’s North Dakota State Fair.