The Band’s Visit

The Band’s Visit tells the story of how one mundane mix-up changes the lives of two very different groups of people. Here’s the setup: In 1996, an Egyptian police band means to charter a bus to Petah Tikva in Israel, but owing to some understandable misunderstanding winds up in Bet Hatikva, a fictional town in the middle of nowhere, instead. Rather than go at it like spiders in a freshly rattled jar, however, the misplaced Egyptians and rustic Israelis soon realize that they share much in common.

Muddy Paws Cheesecake

No praise is too lavish to heap on Tami Cabrera’s cheesecakes. They are the objectification of perfection in dessert form. Do not bother asking Tami how she accomplishes this. She will freely confess that she uses only the best ingredients, without filler or preservatives, but their origins and how she bakes her cheesecakes are not information you could pry from her. Until the day comes when the CIA determines Tami’s recipe is a matter of national security, it will remain untold.

Twin Cities Holiday Fun

A Victorian Christmas.jpg

A Victorian Christmas

Do you want to celebrate Christmas like they did back in the Gilded Age, but don’t want to deal hassles such as chopping down a tree, baking on a wood stove, or Bright’s disease? Then you are more than welcome to visit the Alexander Ramsey House, where A Victorian Christmas will be held on select days November 29th through December 29th. There you’ll be greeted by guides in full Victorian dress, who will show you how the first governor of the Minnesota Territory got merry during Yuletide. See the family’s original Christmas ornaments hung on a fresh tree, listen to holiday music played on an 1875 Steinway piano, and sample cookies from Mrs. Ramsey’s own cookbook. Afterward pretend you’re going to get your horse from the carriage house, where you will actually browse Victorian Christmas ornaments, including the enigmatic pickle ornament. This is one of the Minnesota Historical Society’s most popular programs, so it is best if you book your tour in advance at

Christmas at the Bismarck Event Center

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Lorie Line
December 1
Belle Mehus Auditorium

Watching a pianist like Lorie Line in action always makes me wish I had spent my childhood learning an instrument instead of frying toy soldiers with a magnifying glass. The Minnesota Music Hall of Famer has now toured for three decades, performed on over 2,000 stages, and recorded over 50 CDs. She will delight at the Belle Mehus Auditorium for two shows on the 1st, but you had better nail down your ticket sooner than later if you would like to see Lorie — she only plays to sold out shows!

Andes Tower Hills

The Anderson brothers not only fell in love with skiing when they first tried it out in the 1970s, but wanted to share that newfound passion as well. The entrepreneurs thus found an conveniently placed steep slope just 90 minutes southeast of Fargo in Kensington, MN, and opened Andes Tower Hills. Now nearly four decades later their wish has been fulfilled: a world-class ski resort where anyone from the tri-state area can go to shred to their hearts’ content.