Explore Downtown: Go Outside with Hennepin County

Downtown Minneapolis is a blast in the summer. You can go down to the Stone Arch Bridge and feel the restorative spray of St. Anthony Falls blowing up at you. You can go see the Twins massacre those other bums (sometimes). You can go on a toot at all the bars and clubs without having to worry about losing your fingertips to frostbite during the long crawl home. It’s a regular estival festival.

The Grandstand at the State Fair

Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate lyricist. Prince, visionary pop sensation. Harold Loeffelmacher, legendary trombonist and leader of the polka band the Six Fat Dutchmen. When it comes to musicians, Minnesota has blessed the world with more than our fair share. That’s why when we hold our annual State Fair, the world owes it to us to send their very best musicians in return. Here are some of the tributes to our greatness we’re hosting at the Grandstand this year.

YWCA Cass Clay

The YWCA has served Cass and Clay Counties for over one century. They began offering their first community outreach programs in 1906 by providing housing for women coming from farms to attend college in Fargo-Moorhead. In 1978 their mission would evolve to providing emergency shelter and supportive services to homeless women and children and domestic abuse victims. So far they have helped tens of thousands of women and children in the area — last year alone they helped 1,400.

Valley Paintball

“My first experience with paintball was in 2009, when my boys and I were invited to a birthday party at a nearby course,” recalled Neil Burley, the owner of Valley Paintball. “They were five and seven years old at the time, and even though they weren’t exactly the most effective players on our team, they just loved it.”