Nishu Bowmen Archery Club

Bismarck’s own Nishu Bowmen Archery Club, which is named after an old Native American word for “straight to the mark,” was first officially recognized in the 1960s. In collaboration with the Bismarck Parks & Recreation District they aim to hone archers’ target shooting, hunting, and competition skills at both their outdoor and indoor ranges, the latter of which is open year round to members.

Wells Fargo Mpls WinterSkate

Ice holds a particular attraction for Minnesotans. They fish on it, play hockey on it, dance on it — I’ve even seen some of them put it in their drinks. It’s not hard to understand the affinity, given that the entire state is enveloped in the stuff for nearly ten months out of the year. It’s only natural that we should have figured out everything fun that there is to do with ice.

Minneapolis Bouldering Project

The area I grew up in was absolutely inundated with swimming holes. One of these was under a bridge that had been built for trains but repurposed for snowmobiles, about a 20 foot drop, or 25 if you leapt from the rail. To get back to the bridge from the water took either a short swim to the shore or a perilous climb up its pier; I do not have to tell you which route 14 year old boys, who know that their spines are unsnappable, preferred.

House of Mulciber

No medium’s properties are quite so dichotomous as those of glass. It is harder than stone in many cases, and so enduring that wine glasses made by the Romans have survived intact to this day. At the same time its fragility puts it at perpetual odds with gravity, and any hard surface around it could spell glass’s instant doom. In a sense, glass is representative of humanity’s will to create as a whole. Here we are, spinning around through space, creating marvel after marvel, when at any moment some indifferent cosmic missile could transform our entire experiment to soot.