Andes Tower Hills

When the Anderson brothers learned to ski in the late 70s, they so fell in love with the sport that they resolved it wouldn’t do until everyone else loved it too. To the enterprising brothers this meant building their own ski resort, a feat they were able to achieve thanks to the fortuitous placement of an unusually steep slope in nearby Kensington, MN, just 90 minutes southeast of Fargo. They first opened for business in 1980, and have enjoyed inviting people from across the tri-state area to shred the slopes at Andes Tower Hills ever since.

Nordic Ware — a Well-Known Name in Minnesota and Around the World

Nordic Ware is a family-owned, American manufacturer of kitchenware products. Celebrating 72 years in business in 2018, this local company manufactures and markets an extensive line of quality cookware, bakeware, microwave and grilling products and specialty kitchenware that is distributed worldwide.

Dickens Festival

You had better be careful if you plan to theme your town’s annual Christmas celebration after a classic of Victorian literature. Settle on Stoker’s Dracula, Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, or Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and your little holiday shindig is going to start heads scratching and little else. Choose Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, however, and you’ll be well on your way to creating some memorable Yuletide festivities. This is what the town of Garrison, ND did, and look where it has gotten them today.

Buckstop Junction

Immigrants to Dakota fought tooth and nail against every adversity imaginable. In spite of the land’s inhospitableness, they did better than merely survive — rather, they prospered, and today we enjoy the fruits of their labor. Buckstop Junction pays tribute to our forebears’ unrelenting efforts to tame this land by preserving their original efforts at it. That they have saved and consolidated such treasures as The Lewis Hotel, the Bethel Lutheran Church, and the 1st State Bank of McClusky for all to see and enjoy is emblematic of our reverence for those who came before us.

Avalon Events Center: Celebrating 20 Years, History & Future…

The name Avalon goes way back to the year of 1126 AD, being an island where King Arthur selected to heal his battle wounds. The name Avalon comes from the word “apple, or fruit”, and is where King Arthur’s famous sword, “Excalibur” was foraged. We celebrate that culinary legend with many of our famous culinary entrees such as our tantalizing Herb-roasted Pork and Apple Chutney.

Wyndris: A Catholic Eldercare Community

At Wyndris, Northeast – Character Comes Home

“I Can’t Wait!”

That’s the sentiment of just one of the many future tenants of Wyndris—Catholic Eldercare’s new independent 62+ community in Northeast Minneapolis. And no wonder: Wyndris promises to bring a new level of amenity-rich living previously unavailable in this cherished neighborhood.