Snowcrow, a new novel by Blake Alb, tells the story of Teddy, a precocious Minnesotan schoolboy dealing with the usual trials of growing up plus one more: evil snowmen. (Teddy’s suspicions that he was in for it ought to have been aroused the day he enrolled at Anomaly Academy.) Will Teddy discover the origin of the foreboding frozen golems popping up around town? Could all of it be in his head?

Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters

If there’s something unusual 

In your locality 

Who you gonna contact? 

Central Minnesota Ghost Hunters!

Have you noticed something a little … off about your home or place of work? Small objects inexplicably moving from where you last set them down? Cold air in a room that a draft can’t reach? Viscous red goo oozing out of the seams of your wallpaper accompanied by the sounds of unearthly caterwauling and clattering chains? 


North Dakota is a land of musical extremes. On the one hand the state has produced Lawrence Welk. I defy you to play Welk’s “Bubbles in the Wine” and not get the urge to put on your dandiest Searsucker suit so you can take your sweetest gal on a stroll around the park. On the other hand we have Gorgatron. Play the Fargoan band’s song “Impostor Syndrome” and you’ll feel like beating rabid bears to death with your fists while lighting steel drums filled with Tannerite.

The Donut Trap

California is America’s Donutland. Los Angeles alone has almost 1,500 independent donut shops, which is impressive even for a town that covers half a thousand square miles. Now, I’m not suggesting that Minnesota is lacking in any way, but a Californian might see our beautiful state for its dreary lack of donut shops. One such Californian named Bradley Taylor decided to make a change for the better.