BIR Performance Driving School

Driving isn’t fair. You have this huge machine easily capable of moving over 100 miles per hour, which is full of glowing dials designed to remind you of how ridiculously fast you’re going, and a country of millions of miles of roads to barrel across at irresponsible velocities. But what else do you have? A strong sense of self-preservation, a moral duty to avoid mangling strangers, and an army of cops standing by to tone up their monthly speeding ticket quotas.

Fractal Cactus

Just over a year ago, a unique new shop opened on Minnehaha Avenue. What makes it unique is its singular purpose: Fractal Cactus is a plant store specializing in cacti and succulents, and cacti and succulents only. That’s right – you’ll only find beautiful desert specimens at this charming South Minneapolis boutique. Decorated with local art, Fractal Cactus is a miniature oasis (particularly when compared to the blustery chill of a Minnesota winter).