Creating your very own STAYCATION

At Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery we have a passion for everything green. Every plant holds a special place in our hearts, and we enjoy sharing that passion and knowledge with customers. For many years we have serviced the Maple Grove Community and beyond, helping with all matters concerning container gardening, perennial beds, landscapes, and happy houseplants. We believe that creating a space to unwind, gather with friends and family, and promoting clean air is important to have at home. Here are 3 steps we recommend when creating your very own staycation:

Nordic Ware – a Well-Known Name in Minnesota and Around the World

Nordic Ware is a family-owned, American manufacturer of kitchenware products. Celebrating 74 years in business in 2020, this local company manufactures and markets an extensive line of quality cookware, bakeware, microwave and grilling products and specialty kitchenware that is distributed worldwide.

Rocks and Blocks Landscaping

When you have a landscaping project, your first stop should be a place where you get fast and personalized service from local people. Rocks and Blocks Landscaping offers patios, retaining walls, concrete curb edging, natural stone, decorative rock and gravel, as well as all your fabrics, adhesives, and vinyl edging. Big or small, they have everything you need to make your ideas a reality. They can teach you how to install your own materials, or they can do your whole project for you. And perhaps best of all, Rocks and Blocks is owned by three local guys who are dedicated to staying a fixture in the community.

Nicolai Amende Signature Hot Sauce

Writing for Shop.Dine.Live. has given me a profound respect for the mercantile spirit. I wish I found it sooner. When I was a teenager, I was busy figuring out ways to get girls to like me (I didn’t think of any), playing video games (which didn’t help on the girl front), or just contemplating my navel. Fortunately there are better kids out there than I was.

Buggies N Blues

There is nothing like a car show on a nice summer day. You walk up and down past endless beauties and don’t have to be shy about coveting each one. The gleam from the hood of a cherry red ’54 Chevrolet 210 DeLuxe catches your eye. “My dad had one of these when he was a kid,” you inform its owner, who is wearing either a car T-shirt or a Hawaiian shirt and almost certainly has a salt and pepper goatee. He gives you a tour of an engine so clean you could eat off it. This is paradise.