Dorothy Ann Bakery & Cafe

When you start a new business, and that business does something extremely pleasant, you would do well to name it after your wife. This was Ed Durin’s line of thinking when he founded Dorothy Ann Bakery in St. Paul. But when you buy a successful business, and you have no desire to confuse its regulars, you would do just as well to keep its name in place. Hopefully Wally Grochowski’s own wife agreed when he took over Dorothy Ann Bakery in 1951.

A Space Designed for Well-Being – Applying the Principles of Biophilic Design 

Biophilia: “Love of life or living systems,” and the positive human response toward nature. 

Imagine entering a room to the sight of vivid flowers and the scent of green herbs. You hear the happy melody of songbirds, feel the warmth of a crackling fire, and are soothed by the sound of flowing water.