Two Eighty Six Sno Series: Youth Snowmobile Racing

Chad Blessum has always loved snowmobiling. He spent much of his free time as a young man tearing around on a sled, often during races held throughout North Dakota. To this day he believes the only downside to snowmobiling is that he cannot do it year-round. “I always used to say that if I had the means, I’d make my own snow for sledding,” said Chad.

Unleashed Hounds and Hops: Minnesota’s First Dog Park, Bar & Eatery

Any place can be improved by the addition of dogs. Your house? Arguably not a home until something enthusiastic and barking lives there. A ski resort? No one who has been buried under an avalanche ever crossed their fingers in hope that a cat would show up. Even hospitals, which are generally pretty concerned about sanitation, will let grinning Labs and goldens inside where they can raise spirits.

Hunt & Gather

Are you familiar with the style of maximalism? The opposite of minimalism, maximalism is the aesthetic that teaches us that less is never more. Actually, more is more. In a world of HGTV gray on gray, maximalism embraces color, pattern, shine, and decadence. What some would dare call “tacky” or “over the top,” maximalism declares “just right.”