Going to the Dogs – Pet Etiquette in the 21st Century

The Twin Cities metro is known for its love of dogs – there are over 20 off-leash dog parks in the area, not to mention the dozens of dog-friendly patios and get-togethers. But what exactly are the rules when it comes to pooches and parties? Is it okay to bring your four-legged friend to brunch?  Read on for some common dog etiquette questions and find out the answers to your burning questions!

Garage Sale Etiquette

A few weekends ago, my mother and I went on a hunt for some garage sales. The weather was perfect, it was the beginning of the weekend, and our hopes were high. HUGE SALE a sign read, and MULTIFAMILY YARD SALE – LOTS OF STUFF read another. COME BUY ALL OUR AWESOME STUFF. We were getting excited. As we followed the signs, however, we began to feel a little confused. The signs used for what seemed to be the same sale were of varying colors and styles. Did we miss a sign? Are these all different sales? Some signs were positioned on the opposite side of the road as the direction we were supposed to turn. Should I take a left here? Or is it on the right? I can’t see the arrow! Agh, it’s the left! I wonder how many car accidents have occurred due to last-minute garage sale swerves.

Imaginative Play with Everyday Things

Free unstructured play time is an important part of childhood, but kids don’t need expensive toys to realize the benefits of play. Let your kids exercise their creativity and develop their dexterity by providing access to some of the items below. But before you visit the hardware store – or raid your garage – be sure to take into consideration what would be developmentally appropriate and safe for your child.

Cooking with Kids


Cooking with your kids can be a gratifying way to spend time together, but it also provides opportunities to pass along some useful kitchen skills. Besides, by this point in the summer, you may be thinking it’s time to channel your kids’ time and energy into something that can actually help you get tasty homemade meals on the table. Consider the following suggestions for how to approach cooking with your kids.