Imaginative Play with Everyday Things

Free unstructured play time is an important part of childhood, but kids don’t need expensive toys to realize the benefits of play. Let your kids exercise their creativity and develop their dexterity by providing access to some of the items below. But before you visit the hardware store – or raid your garage – be sure to take into consideration what would be developmentally appropriate and safe for your child.

Cooking with Kids


Cooking with your kids can be a gratifying way to spend time together, but it also provides opportunities to pass along some useful kitchen skills. Besides, by this point in the summer, you may be thinking it’s time to channel your kids’ time and energy into something that can actually help you get tasty homemade meals on the table. Consider the following suggestions for how to approach cooking with your kids.

Aquatennial: The Festival That Saved Minneapolis

It was a different world in 1939. Adolf Hitler had just ordered the Luftwaffe bomb Britain. America was climbing out of the Great Depression. In St. Paul, the police department let gangsters make the city their home base as long as they didn’t perpetrate their crimes in the saintly city. In Minneapolis, Ira Blumenthal, a.k.a. “Kid Cann”, ran a highly profitable bootlegging, prostitution, and racketeering operation out of his Flame Nightclub on 15th and Nicollet.