Horror on Harmon

“Why did I make my own haunted house? Ha! Just the love of Halloween,” said Tom Braun, the creator of Horror on Harmon. “I always loved going to haunted houses at carnivals when I was a kid, but my mom wouldn’t let me set one up back at home. ‘I don’t want the neighbors to feel like they’re living next door to the Adams Family,’ she’d say. I’m glad I can do whatever I want now!


Snowcrow, a new novel by Blake Alb, tells the story of Teddy, a precocious Minnesotan schoolboy dealing with the usual trials of growing up plus one more: evil snowmen. (Teddy’s suspicions that he was in for it ought to have been aroused the day he enrolled at Anomaly Academy.) Will Teddy discover the origin of the foreboding frozen golems popping up around town? Could all of it be in his head?