Suna’s Egyptian Eatery

My great-grandaunt Ursula had an immaculate dining room. Its china cabinet was filled to the brim with Hummels and other porcelain things too fragile to be of any use. Its chandelier was a starburst of real crystals that had been dusted Lord knows how many times. The cloth on the table was real Nottingham lace, and shielded against all insults by a thick layer of clear vinyl that would squeak if you glided a finger across it.

Wedding Planning With Renee Murrish

Be a Guest at Your Own Event!

Planning even a casual get together among a few friends can get extremely complicated. Planning a memorable event or celebration for hundreds of people, on the other hand, takes considerable experience, the patience of a saint, and a four-star general’s talent for strategy – which are not coincidentally all Renee Murrish’s gifts.

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling has existed since the first humans turned grunts and utterances into words and phrases. It was as essential for survival as flint and fire. Once basic needs such as food and shelter are met, we quickly turn to an innate desire for telling and hearing stories. As a new author, I find myself examining this human need of the story. What purpose does it serve, what hole does it fill?