“A dog is content to live in the moment, unconcerned about jobs and work and everything else that goes along with adulting. A dog is an ever-present reminder to stay in the present, that each day is a gift. A dog only spends a short amount of time in this world. While they may only be a small part of your life, you are all they get.” – Macy Francisco

What is art? This question has plagued connoisseurs for eons. To be considered art, must a work hold some significant cultural value? Does it have to demonstrate mastery or at least some degree of skill, or need art only be borne from mankind’s irrepressible will to forge order out of an otherwise chaotic universe?

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Unfortunately for connoisseurs, they have been wasting their time with this question. The answer to it is quite simple: Art is only art if it has at least one dog in it.

That makes Macy Francisco of Fargo an artist in full. As the proprietor of Doodling Diggsy she is available to digitally draw any dog on the face of the planet, including the most important dog of all: your dog (or dogs – Macy will is happy to draw as many dogs as you ask her to).

“I’ve adored dogs ever since I was little,” said Macy. “When I was a girl I would cut dog pictures out of magazines to hang them all over my room. I had a big dog comforter on my bed. I loved Rio, our family Lab, with all my heart, as well as Tia and Maya the mixed breeds who came after him.

“My dad was always very good at drawing. He would draw almost anything – most of the time on the back of a napkin. Ever since I could get my hands on a pencil, I would try to copy the way he illustrated things, and I always took the most interest whenever he drew dogs.

“Art would eventually become part of my full-time job. I currently work for BIO Girls, a non-profit organization that provides a 12-week self-esteem building program for adolescent girls. As the director of marketing, I get to do all kinds of graphic and digital design as well.

“My wonderful mother and equally wonderful fiancé gave me an HP Surface for my birthday in 2019. When I realized that the touchscreen tablet was perfect digital drawing, I didn’t have to think very hard about my first subject. Of course it would be Diggs, my rescued Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix (I think). 

“Diggs was a marvelous muse. As soon as I posted his portrait on Instagram, people began asking me to draw their dogs as well. This was in October, so they were already thinking about Christmas presents. As 2020 rolled around, I officially named my new hobby business ‘Doodling Diggsy.’ To date I have drawn upwards of 200 portraits.

“Whenever I draw Diggs’ face, I study all the subtleties that make up his personality: the little black blotches which freckle his muzzle; the whites of his eyes that only appear when he’s looking to the side or straight up; the just barely noticeable twinkle in his dark, brown eyes. I make sure to take the time to do that with every dog my clients ask me to draw, because that’s what makes them special, too.

“Really, I’m looking for a dog’s irreplaceable features – and then trying to replicate them.”

Macy does not deal in bulky mediums. When you commission her to depict your pooch, she will deliver a high-resolution digital image file which you can then use to order your own custom canvas, blanket, mug, pillow, ornament, wind chimes, or virtually anything else from an online provider like Shutterfly. That’s futuristic! 

You can learn more about Fargo’s own canine portraitist at doodlingdiggsy.com. @doodlingdiggsy


By David Scheller