Fargo’s very own Vintage Point started as a dare between two close friends. Sixteen years ago, Nancy Frid and Deb Wallis were both stressed out by their jobs. Over a bottle of wine, Nancy suggested to Deb that she open an antique store. “I will if you will,” she replied. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

“Neither one of us are big shoppers,” explained Nancy. “From the beginning, we created a shopping experience that we would want to shop at.”

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What was once an antique store has expanded over the years. “In 2005, we started with just antiques. Soon into the business, we sprinkled in new gift items. From there, it became a pretty well rounded mix of old and new along with food and candies.”

The past two years have been hard on small businesses. The pandemic made it impossible for Nancy and Deb to attend antique auctions to purchase inventory, as they had in the past. Nevertheless, Vintage Point has persevered in the face of adversity. 

“When the pandemic hit in March 2020, that truly caused us to pivot big time,” they explained. “We made a radical change and we increased puzzles, games, activity books, and the kid and baby sections while still offering the antiques, vintage, and of course the great candy and treat selection.” Current inventory includes everything from a wide variety of popcorn toppings to the party game I Moustache You a Question to Iowa’s own Milkhouse Candles. You can always find plenty of charming greeting cards to complete any gift, and there is a wonderful array of small goodies – perfect for stocking stuffers.

“We love that people find ‘the perfect gift’ when walking into Vintage Point,” the pair shared. “And we especially love it when people treat themselves to a must-have treasure.”

Fortunately, the community in Fargo couldn’t be more supportive of their endeavor. “Without the ongoing support and vast amount of Vintage Point cheerleaders from day one, we would not be here today,” Deb and Nancy acknowledge. “Truly, over the last few years, the intentional focus on the further development of a vibrant community where people take care of each other makes Fargo a most wonderful and welcoming place to call home.”

Shoppers have continued to visit Vintage Point to purchase gifts, games, and sweets despite so-called “easier” alternatives. “People have a tremendous amount of options in shopping, whether it’s online, big box, or shopping down the street.” The pair is flattered that you would come to them. “When a person makes the conscious decision and walks through the doors of Vintage Point to spend their hard-earned dollar, well, that is a compliment like no other. We do not take that for granted. Ever.”

One thing that makes Vintage Point stand out is their commitment to the holiday season. Not only is it the perfect spot to find fun, charming gifts for your friends, family, and co-workers, but Deb and Nancy also roast candied almonds in the shop. “During the holidays, we are pretty much roasting non-stop, which really livens up the store with the great aroma of candied almonds,” said Nancy. It’s this sort of attention to detail that you just won’t find at chain stores or on the internet. Nancy and Deb have created a unique and intimate shopping experience. 

In the end, the story of Vintage Point is a story of friendship. Nancy and Deb met back in 1983, when Deb became Nancy’s boss at the Holiday Inn in Brainerd. The two have been dear friends ever since. All throughout the store you will see photographs and keepsakes of their time together. “By far, Vintage Point is our best adventure yet!” they agree.



By Liz Walker