“I like flowers.”

– Elton John (when asked by the British High Court why he recently spent $400,000 on flowers)

Flowers are the original gift. Long before we became clever enough to cut diamonds or bake cookies or write love songs, people recognized the perfect beauty of delicate little flowers and gave them to whomever they held dearest.

Adam would not have given Eve a new handbag. He would have picked her a flower.

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Picking flowers was simple enough in the Garden of Eden. You, on the other hand, would have to scour the countryside for enough flowers to assemble a bouquet – or, barring that, risk upsetting your neighbor by pilfering their prized rosebushes. Fortunately, giving flowers is easy thanks to Hirsch Florist in Mandan.

“We make distinct occasions just a little more special,” said Kaylee Welch, who runs her parents’ florist shop alongside her father Al. “It’s wonderful to be a part of so many of our local community’s happiest events. We’re always honored to make special days a little brighter by helping people celebrate weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, Christmas celebrations, and other events throughout the Bismarck–Mandan area. We also create stunning decorations for baby showers, and our beautiful arrangements make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries.

“We also make bad days just a little bit better. There is no greater way to say ‘Get Well Soon’ than by having us deliver one of our floral arrangements to someone who is staying in the hospital.

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“Really, flowers are the universal symbol of people caring no matter how happy or sad the occasion. Our personalized funeral arrangements have helped ease the grief for many saying final farewells to their loved ones.

“We have an important job, making sure to always have the healthiest, most vibrant flowers in our shop. The pandemic created tougher issues, but we still offer fresh blooms cultivated from as far away as South America.

“Fortunately, North Dakotans are practical when it comes to which flowers they prefer. Sunflowers, roses, daisies and delphiniums are very all popular here. (So are lilies, which I am regrettably allergic to.) I’ve studied the art of arranging flowers for every occasion, each of which calls for certain styles and shapes, but I do especially enjoy creating rustic, naturalistic arrangements. They are in high demand in our home state.

“If I could give you one piece of advice when it comes to ordering flowers, it would be to contact a local florist directly. When you order flowers through a national company, they’re just going to route your business through us anyway. By cutting out the middleman, more of your money is going straight into your floral arrangement instead of funding a large advertising campaign. On average, less than half of your money goes toward flowers when you don’t order direct from us.

“Working directly with your florist will give you the best feel for their individual style, and help them to understand exactly what you are looking for. Not every florist may be able to recreate your vision – but that’s okay! We all have our strong suits. With that said, our team here at Hirsch Florist is excellent. I am very proud of just how many different ideas we have brought to life for our clients.

“My second piece of advice would be to stop by Hirsch Florist to see all the flowers in person!

When you come to our store, you’ll get to appreciate all the beauty I’m so lucky to be surrounded by all day. Working here makes me feel like I’m never far from home on the farm. That’s where I spend my time as a farmer’s wife, playing with my kids in the fields and chasing them through our patches of wildflowers. I love sharing the experience with every kid who walks through our door when I hand them a freshly cut flower.

“I would encourage everyone to spend more time among the wildflowers and finding the beauty in them. You are also sure to get inspiration for what you might like from your next floral arrangement, which we will be delighted to create for you.”

Hirsch Florist is standing by to take care of any special event which cannot rightly do without flowers. You can visit them in person at 211 W Main St in Mandan, call them at (701) 663-8535, or learn more about everything they have to offer by going to hirschflorist.com.

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By David Scheller