3Be Meats’ name alone tells you what the owners are in it for. When Tony Anderson and Mack Ternes established the Bismarck-Mandan area’s butcher shop in 2017, they could only think to name it after their own kids: Tony’s Bentley, Bea and Brimley, and Mack’s Eliza.

As you might expect, Tony and Mack run a real family business. Walk into the downtown Bismarck butcher shop, a tidy white and red building with great black knives painted on its side, and you’re going to meet some people from the Anderson and Ternes families. Tony and Mack themselves are brothers-in-law.

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“I started working in the meat business right out of high school,” said Tony. “Five years at Missouri Valley Meat, five more at another butcher shop. The time finally came when I was ready to be my own boss. Mack just graduated from NDSU with a business degree, and he knew as much about meat as any North Dakotan who grew up making brats and jerky in his garage. We put a plan together – and here we are.”

The 3Be Meats team took a year to get things in order before their grand opening, but they didn’t need one minute to agree on the store’s core value. “If you’re serving the best product, people are going to keep coming back,” said Tony. “We’re all about high quality and freshness. Our steaks, filets, chops, loins, and ribs are cut fresh every day. Our chuck is ground fresh every day.

“We only offer Certified Angus Beef. It surpasses the USDA’s highest standards, and it meets all ten of the brand’s quality specifications. Only three percent of beef in the country is Certified Angus, and when you taste it you’ll see how big a difference that makes.”

This is the greatness of steak. You may not have $60 thousand to drop on a bottle of French wine, or a few grand to burn on caviar. Maybe you’d rather skip the organic free trade coffee which was blessed by the ascetic monks of Vietnam. But anyone can afford to treat themselves to a great steak, especially when they live in America’s beef country.

You don’t need a big occasion to enjoy 3Be Meats’ best. Ditch the fast food next lunch break and go see how a master butcher makes a sandwich. Their jalapeño summer sausage and Cajun turkey sandwich will get you through the worst an afternoon can throw at you. Take home some of the fresh cold cuts 3Be Meats tucks into big, brown sheets of paper, and you’ll never settle for a sandwich from a place named after underground transportation ever again.

Tony and Mack know you can’t make it in a town like Bismarck without a strong brat game. They put generations of skill into making their sausages, and offer them in about 80 different flavors. “We have all the classics your grandma might have made, and beer brats with our local breweries’ best” said Tony. “But it seems like the weirder we make brats, the more curious people are to try them. We have the S’more made with graham crackers and marshmallows. We have the Gamer made with Doritos, Cheetos, and only the freshest Mountain Dew. We also have the Root Beer, which strangely enough (or not) tastes just like root beer.”

3Be Meats is such a good butcher shop that they’ll even take care of the meat you bring to them. When you have a good day thanks to your 30-06 and impeccable hunting skills, you can take your trophy right to the store and proceed to bragging to your friends. 3Be Meats processes about 1,500 deer for local hunters every season, and about 50 elk and moose to boot. (When Tony says he gets hammered every hunting season he’s not talking about having fun back at deer camp.)

So there you have it. 3Be meats is the authentic, local, family-owned butcher shop that serves only the finest meats, and they welcome everyone. If you have a service dog and want to test just how much willpower they have, 3Be Meats is probably the best place you could take them. You can visit them at 1700 East Main Ave in Bismarck or see everything the happy place has to offer at 3bemeats.com.


By David Scheller