Food that is good for you can also taste good. You may not believe this if you have only tried diet food which was made in a factory – or so devoid of flavor that it barely qualifies as food at all. But when your healthful meal is prepared by a family nurse practitioner, who has spent nearly one decade teaching nutrition and wellness, and who learned the art of cooking from her own mother, then you are certain to change your mind.

Nichole Jackson-Lind is the founder of Fit Fuel Foods, a new Fargoan business which offers tasty, healthy, and ready-to-eat meals. By day she works at Wellness District Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics, where she teaches patients how to lessen the effects of their chronic health conditions through the science of eating better. Nichole does this job with true empathy, as she knows perfectly well what her patients are going through.

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“I originally came to Wellness District as a patient,” said Nichole. “Back then I was studying to become a nurse practitioner, a very stressful process which added more than a few pounds to my five-foot frame. Wellness District’s weight loss program is wonderful, and I still use it to this day to stay slim. When I had completed the one-year program and learned that they were hiring, I knew I wanted to work there. Now I get to spend my career helping people to get healthier, which is my greatest passion.

“Eating healthy food can be challenging during the best of times. During the pandemic, unfortunately, it became even harder. I learned how much difficulty our patients were experiencing during our Zoom calls together, so I resolved to help even more by creating a YouTube cooking channel called Everyday Low Carb and Keto Cooking with Nichole.

“My videos were very well received! So much so, in fact, that many of our patients began asking if I would cook for them. This was the light bulb moment. I spoke with my husband Erik about working together, and by March this year we had officially opened Fit Fuel Foods.

“Fit Fuel Foods serves health food that tastes like it’s not healthy. A lot has changed since the old days, when the trend was to remove all the fat from health foods. I adhere to modern nutritional science by leaving the healthy fats in, and as a great lover of spices I’m always perfecting the ideal blend of seasonings to complement any dish. I was also fortunate to learn cooking from the very best – my mom, who is revered a legendary cook back in my hometown.

“Fit Fuel Foods demonstrates how a few clever substitutions can turn satisfying dishes into healthy ones without sacrificing flavor. Our top seller, four cheese broccoli chicken mac, doesn’t sound healthy at face value, but with a special low-carb pasta and my own cheese sauce it becomes a delicacy with only 440 calories! Our taco bowl offers all that delicious taco meat and creamy guacamole you love, but it replaces white rice (which is so problematic for insulin levels) with healthful veggie rice. And I’m afraid I have to closely guard my recipe for mashed cauliflower, which we serve with our turkey meatballs. People can’t believe it doesn’t have any potatoes!

“I’m very grateful to Dr. Spencer Berry, the medical director of Wellness District, as well as its owner Elizabeth Raan. Because of their gracious support we’re able to offer our full menu of ready-to-eat meals at StrongPour, Wellness District’s on-site nutrition bar. And thanks to Fit Fuel Foods’ delivery option, enjoying our freezer-friendly dishes is as easy as ordering online.”

Nichole’s healthy dishes are available for pickup at 435 32nd Ave E in West Fargo. You may learn more about Fit Fuel Foods and order online at


By David Scheller