Go-karts, miniature golf, escape rooms, axe throwing and so much more – if it means family-friendly summertime fun, you will find it at Evergreen Fun Park in Park Rapids, Minnesota!

“I’ve always loved taking my family here during our summer vacations together,” said David Nelson, the new owner of Evergreen Fun Park. “When I found out the park was for sale, it didn’t take me long to decide to buy it. The opportunity to continue this great family destination’s tradition was like a godsend, and I already knew a lot of ways I could improve on it.

“The biggest change is the removal of the gift shop. I want our guests to enjoy coming to Evergreen year round, so we’ve added a full arcade complete with a prize redemption counter, a restaurant that serves up burgers and other casual fare, and a bar. Now parents won’t have to tailgate if they want to enjoy a beer while their kids go crazy in the park. I sure could have used that back while I was parking my RV here.

“We have also added an indoor axe throwing range. It’s perfect for parents who want to entertain themselves while their kids win prizes at the arcade, as it’s one of the few sports you don’t actually have to be good at to enjoy to its fullest. Throwing an axe with all your might is great fun whether you hit the target or not!

“Our escape rooms are yet another great all-year attraction. We have three: FDR’s Bunker, Jail Break and Door to Doomsday, each with its own exciting theme and unique puzzles to overcome. FDR’s Bunker is the easiest, but Door to Doomsday is so tricky that I do not believe I could beat it if the solution hadn’t already been explained to me. (Just one of the perks that come with owning the place, I guess.)

“We’ve kept and updated most of Evergreen’s cherished classics. The park has always had a really popular mini golf course, which anyone can enjoy whether they’re just learning how to walk or a hundred years old. We’ve even got little plastic putters for the babies to play with. It takes a one-year-old a few more putts to sink their ball, but they’re smiling the whole time they’re at it.

“The go-kart course is another one of Evergreen’s biggest attractions. We actually have two tracks: one for smaller kids where the karts don’t go too fast, and another, professionally designed raceway where 12 drivers can really get into it. We also have four two-seat karts so your little one can be your co-driver.

“And that’s not even the half of it. We’ve just updated Evergreen Mountain, our 25-foot-tall climbing wall with four different routes to challenge every skill level. We’re keeping the Extreme Air Jump where kids can do flips on a trampoline without fear of falling off, and our laser tag arena lets up to eight people square off in a fast-paced, high-tech shootout. And if you want even more lasers, then you have to check out our laser maze. It’s the closest you can get to breaking into a Vegas casino vault without going to jail if you make a mistake.

“We’ve improved our Water Wars attraction. You still use giant slingshots to pelt your friends and family with water balloons, but now you have the option of positively drenching them by hitting the bullseye on the Depth Charge station overhead. We have also upped the stakes at our mineral mining attraction by adding even more exciting treasure. You ought to see the look on a toddler’s face when they uncover a real shark’s tooth or arrow head!

“My family and I couldn’t be more excited to offer the best family destination in the greater Fargo–Moorhead area. I hope you’ll make the 90-minute drive so you can come and create some great memories with us this summer!”

Evergreen Fun Park is located at 26468 US 71 in beautiful Park Rapids, Minnesota. Please visit evergreengiftsandfun.com to learn more and plan your trip!

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By David Scheller