You deserve to own more than just land. You ought to live in a haven, complete with your own serene pond, happy crackling firepit, and big patio where you can recline in the sunshine during North Dakota’s precious few summer months. And thanks to Rocks and Blocks Landscaping, getting that haven is affordable and easy!

Rocks and Blocks is Bismarck’s very own source for pond supplies, waterfalls, firepits, outdoor fireplaces and patios. They also offer retaining walls, concrete curb edging, natural stone, decorative rock and gravel, fabrics, adhesives and vinyl edging. The locally owned and operated landscaping supplier provides the experienced labor it takes to transform any outdoor space. Or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, Rocks and Blocks’ seasoned experts will tell you anything you might like to know!

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“People spent a lot more time at home last year,” said Nic Kemmis, co-owner and installation manager of Rocks and Blocks. “During that time they really started discovering their yards’ potential. Maybe they couldn’t travel or go out to restaurants, but they could still enjoy the outdoors and have guests over for dinner on the patio. Even though the world is starting to open back up again, from where I’m standing it looks like beautiful lawn craze is still going strong.

“Fortunately Rocks and Blocks was already set up for ‘curbside pickup’ before it even had a name. We had lots of folks drive up in their truck, slip their credit card through their window, and say ‘Load that rock into the bed for me!’ 

“Landscaping has always been an affordable home improvement project, and it’s more affordable than ever these days. If you were shocked by what the pandemic did to the cost of construction materials, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised that it barely affected the cost of landscaping materials at all. Lumber prices went up more than 100 percent – landscaping supplies haven’t been affected at all!

“We’re all career landscapers here at Rocks and Blocks. We’re passionate about what we do for a living, and we love sharing our know-how with anyone who asks for it. We have the experience to maximize anyone’s budget. Whether that’s $100 thousand or just $100, we’re here to help.

“Last year was exciting for us as we got to help out more DIYers than ever before. Many of these folks were used to working a nine-to-five desk job where they never get to use their imagination. They were thrilled to finally have a chance to get creative with their lawns while saving money on labor costs!

“We don’t just provide the materials DIYers need. When you walk through our door, you’re welcome to everything we know about hardscaping and landscaping. We’ll help you with the design of your plan, show you the techniques you need to pull it off, and send you off prepared to tackle the project.

“Of course, some people overestimate what they’d like to do on their own, so we’re always prepared to step in and finish our customers’ DIY projects for them. Others know themselves well enough not to even try, and hey – my guys and I are just as happy to take any project from start to completion, too.

“Patios have become hugely popular lately – not just because people are spending more time outside, but also because patios provide great outdoor living spaces without the need to pay skyrocketing lumber prices. Whether you want space for a couple of chaise lounges or a massive gathering place, we’ll make sure you’re getting the best patio for your money.

“Water features have become especially popular in our area these past several months as well. We’ll give you everything you need to put a nice pond in your backyard, which I believe adds so much more to a home’s natural beauty than any swimming pool can. 

“It’s also easy to add a waterfall to any lawn. It’s inexpensive, the motor lasts for years so long as you pop it out every fall, and the pump makes so little noise that the water is guaranteed to drown it out completely. Falling water is the perfect background noise for any space you’d like to kick back and relax in!

“We’ve also seen a huge rise in demand for firepits and outdoor fireplaces. Your imagination really is the limit when it comes to fire features. We create everything from little pits for toddlers to toast marshmallows over to 12 foot tall fire features, and even ones with built-in pizza ovens. Whether you want your fire feature to run on wood, propane or natural gas, we can build it for you.

“Here at Rocks and Blocks we stand behind our materials and our installations 100 percent. From the value you get at our store, to the speed and accuracy we work with, to the amazing finished product, our only goal is to impress. We all live right here in the Bismarck-Mandan area, after all. Why would we want our own neighbors to have anything less than the most beautiful lawns?”

Rocks and Blocks Landscaping’s extensive selection of fine materials and limitless expertise are both available at 5220 E Main Ave in Bismarck. If you’d like to learn more online please visit, or reach out the old-fashioned way at (701) 258-2417.


By David Scheller