“What is the perfect food?” There are two answers to that question. The first would be to acknowledge that the definition of “perfect,” as it applies to food, is necessarily subjective, so it really comes down to a matter of opinion.

The second answer to that question is pizza. This is also the correct answer.

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Where is the best place to order pizza in Bismarck? Again, there is one correct answer: Bruno’s Pizza, which since 2008 has stayed dedicated to using only the world’s finest ingredients to handcraft Italy’s greatest gift to civilization. 

A great pizza begins with the crust. Bruno’s pizza chefs hand-toss every crust to their customer’s favorite thickness, so you can enjoy a crispy thin crust like they make over in New York (Fuhgeddaboudit!) or the thicker, chewier crust more popular in the Midwest (You betcha!).

Once the dough is neat and round, Bruno’s gives it a layer of their own house-made seasoned pizza sauce. A generous layer of fresh mozzarella makes it a cheese pizza – a longtime favorite of children celebrating birthday parties – but the real fun only begins there.

Bruno’s appreciates that their customers are true pizza connoisseurs. They offer a staggering 39 different toppings to choose from, meaning you could eat a different three-topping pizza from Bruno’s every day for the next 150 years. They have all the toppings you should expect from any pizza place, but also more experimental ones including pickles, taco chips, and even grape jelly.

Bruno’s offers 32 of their own specialty pizzas as well. Try the Supreme which is loaded up with all the good stuff, the Hawaiian which proves pineapple is good for more than just piña coladas, and the Five Meat which delights carnivores with bacon, Canadian bacon, garlic chicken, ground beef and sweet Italian sausage. The Tangler is especially popular for its juicy pulled pork and crispy bacon, with the perfect amount of onion and tangy barbecue sauce to set off that Southern flavor.

Would you like to try something unique? Order the Loaded Mash Potato with handmade mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, green peppers and onions, all drizzled under tangy ranch. For a trip back to childhood, order the Mac and Cheese with fresh cheddar and crispy bacon – or the PBJ! And who needs to take a 24-hour drive when you can just bring home a Philly Cheesesteak pizza from Bruno’s?

Are you gluten free? That’s not a problem at Bruno’s, where you can enjoy anything the pizzeria would normally offer on a gluten-free crust. And if you’re just ducking out for a quick bite, stop by Bruno’s for a wrap made with traditional, honey wheat, spinach or cheddar jalapeño crust. Available with all the same toppings as their regular pizzas, Bruno’s wraps are a great way to enjoy a mess-free Italian delicacy at work or on the go!

Bruno’s serves far more than just pizza. They also offer cheesy baked pasta dishes, fresh salads, a full selection of appetizers including wings and mozzarella sticks, desserts, and a kid’s menu for little paisanos. There’s truly something for everyone at Bismarck’s own pizzeria!

Bruno’s Pizza is available for dining and carry-out at 910 E Front Ave in downtown Bismarck. You can also order delivery by calling (701) 751-3700 or visiting brunosnd.com.


By David Scheller