Everything old is new again. Which is to say, kids these days sure love tie-dye. It’s more monochromatic now than you might remember, but the trend is everywhere, from sweatpants and face masks to planners and phone cases. In fact, Glamour declared tie-dye “officially the biggest trend of the year.” Who are we to argue?

There’s one spot in South Minneapolis where tie-dye never goes out of style – Twisted Groove. This small, local business is your one-stop shop for everything tie-dye and has been since Scott Rohr opened it in 1990. It is a unique shop, largely because Scott hand-dyes most of the inventory himself. “The first time I did tie-dye was in 4-H,” he told me. “I then organized tie-dye parties in college and started going on Grateful Dead tours in the mid-80s.” Scott went to the University of Minnesota for agricultural engineering, which he pursued for a few years before starting Twisted Groove. It’s hard to picture Scott doing anything else. Tie-dye is his element.

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To Scott, tie-dye is timeless. “And also borderless,” he explained. “All regions have cloth and decorate it with natural dyes.” His passion for the craft and desire to learn keep him excited even after all these years. Scott finds a lot of his inspiration from techniques used in China and Indonesia to “push the envelope.” This is particularly true with batik, a form of dying that uses wax to resist color. “The batik work that I do really allows me to keep trying new techniques and going more places with the artwork,” he said. “I keep at it because I get better every year and people continue to support the business through their purchases.”

In addition to the ready-to-wear clothing and accessories available at the store, Twisted Groove offers something truly special – customized t-shirts. Using a combination of dye and batik techniques, Scott creates shirts to specification, something he has done for bands, family reunions, company picnics and more. He can also customize shop banners, pillowcases, baby onesies – you name it and Scott can make it groovy! Tie-dye adds a colorful, handmade touch to otherwise boring staples.

Twisted Groove also features a workshop in back which hosted classes, workshops, and other events prior to the pandemic. In the near future Twisted Groove will once again be a great spot to book for a girls’ night or one-of-a-kind birthday party. If you’ve wanted to learn how to tie-dye but were afraid of all the mess, now you know where to go. Or if you are looking for a gift, don’t forget that Twisted Groove carries an assortment of other handmade items such as jewelry and knit hats.

It should come as no surprise that South Minneaplis is a natural fit for Twisted Groove. “I love Minneapolis,” Scott declared. “It’s my favorite place to come home to after traveling. It’s very art-friendly and a multicultural city. People appreciate quality here. Local business and unique, handmade items are both valued in Minneapolis.” Hear, hear! Stores like Twisted Groove and people like Scott play a huge role in the character of Minneapolis. We just wouldn’t be the same without our small businesses.

And don’t worry – tie-dye isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Scott has been in the business long enough to know the truth: “Tie-dye goes in fashion, cycling through different age groups every year.” After all, who can resist its rainbow charm? Be sure to impress your kids by picking up some tie-dye goodies today!

Twisted Groove is located at 4503 S 34th Ave, Minneapolis. You can also order online at

etsy.com/shop/twistedgroove or call (612) 721-3524 with custom orders.


By Liz Walker