Full Service 24-Hour Emergency Restoration Company Serving North Dakota

However carefully you maintain your home, a single spark, burst pipe, or spore of mold may threaten devastation. It is crucial that you have a plan in place to deal with disaster before the damages become any worse. And if that plan only includes calling Arrow Service Team after your home has suffered fire, water or mold damage, then it is already complete.

Arrow Service Team is owned by Chad and Tyler Leier, whose father Howard founded the company 40 years ago and ran it alongside their mother Marsha. The brothers have spent their entire careers helping North Dakotans in the wake of emergencies. The work Arrow offers represents the Leiers’ respect for the torch passed down to them by their father, as well as their profound commitment to the community they intend to spend their lifetimes serving. (The brothers no doubt want to set the stage for future Leiers one day.)

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As an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certified company, Arrow possesses the specialized knowledge and equipment they need to safely and effectively deal with the aftermath of disasters. But unlike regular contractors whose work can wait, the nature of Arrow’s specialty demands that they arrive onsite and begin working as quickly as possible. Every minute that acidic soot eats its way into woodwork, or water seeps into a home’s frame, or mold devours drywall translates to real, measurable costs to Arrow’s clients.

“We have modeled our business after a hospital emergency room,” said Chad. “Just like they have a special staff of doctors and nurses who are only interested in pressing matters, our special mitigation team stands by solely to address emergencies. Although Arrow also offers general repairs and carpet cleaning, these men are never scheduled to do them. They’re either out at a jobsite minimizing the damage following a disaster, or they’re waiting.

“Creating the best value for our clients means we have to select our staff carefully. I would prefer that they have some experience in general contracting, but I specifically look for people who have no prior training in disaster mitigation. I don’t mean to disparage our competitors, but it’s really important to me that our technicians don’t carry over any bad habits that they might have picked up somewhere else! Aside from that I look for people with warm personalities and cool mindsets. We’re dealing with our clients on the most difficult days of their lives, so our technicians’ ability to empathize and instill confidence in our process is absolutely essential.

“We do every job from start to finish. Emergency restoration requires some specialized techniques like soot removal and pumping, but we also have the painters, carpenters, plumbers and electricians we need to return any property back to its original condition – or, as is usually the case, better condition. If you’ve ever managed a renovation project, then you know how difficult corralling so many different specialists can be. With us you get to make a single phone call.

“Our customer service extends to working directly with our clients’ insurance companies. We have an entire office staff devoted to creating the documentation that insurance companies require for reimbursement. I wouldn’t say doing paperwork is necessarily as hard as restoring a house that partially burned down – still, it’s one less thing our clients should have to worry about.

“We want to be there, we want to help, and we don’t leave until the job has been done right. I believe that mentality is why we get so many referrals from previous clients. When we get a call from a lady who explains that her son hired us ten years ago, that’s when I know what we’re doing is working.”

If a short circuit or unfortunate trick of plumbing renders your home uninhabitable, you need only call Arrow Service Team. If you have noticed speckled areas on your walls or an unpleasant musty smell in a room, you would do well to call in for their opinion as to whether it may be mold. And even if you wish for repairs or maintenance which hadn’t better be done as soon as possible, Arrow Service Team’s methodical and honest approach will still serve you well.

To learn more about North Dakota’s preeminent 24-hour emergency restoration company, please call (701) 223-9249 or visit arrowserviceteam.com.


By David Scheller