The Cannabis sativa plant is most often used for one particular application, although it has far more uses than just … that. For example, prior to its prohibition cannabis was widely grown to make rope. George Washington devoted a large tract of his own land to its cultivation. He must have taken great satisfaction when his crops began rigging American vessels instead of British ones.

As the laws controlling cannabis began to relax, researchers enjoyed greater freedom to study its benefits. The effects of THC were already well understood, but another natural chemical known as CBD proved intriguing. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and produces no “high.” Instead it may provide actual benefits such as relief from pain and symptoms related to cancer, the alleviation of anxiety and depression, and even reduction of acne. We live in exciting times as we discover more and more about CBD’s positive effects!

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Matt Yde of South Dakota originally wished to try CBD for an inflammation in his knee. He drove to Minnesota where it was legal at the time, but found the smoke shop environment off-putting and the store clerk remarkably unhelpful. Matt decided to take matters into his own hands.

“For the next few months I sought out all the information available on CBD,” said Matt. “I watched videos about the science behind it, read medical research, and investigated all the different brands of CBD available on the market. I quickly appreciated how potent CBD could be as a treatment for so many conditions. Better yet, the hemp-derived compound is nonaddictive, has no adverse side effects, and is 100 percent natural.

“Two more things stuck out to me during my research. First, the quality of available CBD products ranges from poor to excellent. That can make getting the right treatment for your specific condition difficult. Second, I’m not the only person who has had a negative experience with the kinds of smoke shops that typically carry CBD. Although they do have a certain expertise, so to speak, smoke shop clerks are generally not prepared to answer important questions about the numerous potential health benefits of CBD.”

Matt decided to play a key role in the future of CBD by opening his own store in Sioux Falls. He specifically chose to open a Your CBD Store franchise for several reasons, the first among them being the superior quality of their SunMed line of products. Whether they are gummies, soft gel capsules, or topical creams, SunMed products are certified USDA organic and made with flavorless and carefully filtered CBD oil. Simply put, there are no finer CBD products available on the market.

Matt also chose Your CBD Store because they value education just as much as he does. He and his staff are thoroughly educated and trained to answer any questions you might have about a treatment so promising as CBD. You may be apprehensive about trying so novel a treatment – and rightly so – but after consulting with one of Your CBD Store’s passionate specialists you will be ready to make an informed decision about CBD treatment. 

CBD is perfectly legal in North Dakota and Minnesota. You do not need a prescription to purchase CBD products. CBD is “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA, a designation it shares with other natural ingredients including basil, lavender, paprika, and even carrot. Trying CBD is about as adventurous as trying a new flavor of ice cream!

You can learn more about Your CBD Store at But for the real experience, and to speak with Matt’s friendly and knowledgeable staff, you will want to visit Fargo’s new location in the Prairie Stone Retail Center at 1650 45th St S #105.

Offering a Wide Selection of CBD Products

  • Water solubles
  • Gummies
  • Soft gel capsules
  • E-liquids for vaping
  • Topical creams
  • Pet products
  • And more!

By David Scheller