Go to the State Capitol one night this December and look across the street to the pine – an aerial piercing the ink-black sky, with 7,500 lights glowing softly beneath a giant Star of Bethlehem. Such a thing is far more than a Christmas tree. It is a symbol which neither night nor gathering storm could ever darken.

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Chris Tigges created this landmark. Hanging lights is his business.

As a boy Chris loved Christmas the most of all holidays, which is not an uncommon thing for boys to do. Yet while he must certainly have adored presents and cookies and crudely animated made-for-TV movies, it was the lighting which delighted Chris the most. 

As a younger man Chris properly learned how to hang Christmas lights from his pastor, who supplemented his pastor’s salary with his decidedly appropriate side business. Chris’s pastor showed him how best to hang and position lights, which arrangements complement certain styles of architecture, and the products that are worth a customer’s money. 

While Chris would never say an unkind word about his native Texas, he is happy to have moved to a place full of snow. Christmas lights can only look their very coziest against it. 

“I think my customers’ favorite thing about my service is the convenience,” said Chris. “The winters up here are harsh, and even an experienced ladder jockey like me has to take things slow. Having the most beautifully decorated house on their street without risking frostbite or falling makes a lot of people very happy this time of year.

“But there’s an art form hidden behind the hard work. I know how to accent different trees, shrubs, and types of houses to make any home look bright yet tasteful – not like Clark Griswold’s monstrosity in Christmas Vacation. I install bolts and clips that make it easy to light a house for future Christmases and other holidays, but which are also inconspicuous when not in use. 

“After so many years hanging lights I know how to avoid voltage problems that could otherwise have left you in the dark on Christmas. I also exclusively hang commercial grade C9 string lighting and rope lighting. They are easy to customize to a whole range of colors, including red, white and blue for Independence Day, trimmable to avoid unsightly dangling strands, and a whole lot longer-lasting than the stuff you’ll find at retail outlets.

“Every home I decorate is unique, and so is its lighting. It only makes sense that you should keep it forever. That’s why I bring along complimentary storage containers when I return to take your lights down after the holidays.”

A man in Chris’s unique line of work must love impressing people. That passion extends to the service he offers in addition to his art. Whether you would like your home decorated in only a few Christmas lights or visible from outer space, Chris is ready to visit and provide you with a free estimate. 

Chris guarantees his products for life, and each year inspects every light by hand to ensure it will glow on cue. He also decorates far more than just homes. In addition to the State Capitol he serves restaurants, bars, banks, churches, and anywhere else that could do with more Christmas cheer.

To show his gratitude this year Chris is offering a special discount to essential workers. Simply show him your badge or ID card and he will provide lighting of any scope for ten percent off his regular rate.

“It’s been a real pleasure to have done so much for the community since I first started out a few years ago,” said Chris. “My goal is to build up a successful business I can one day hand off to my sons. They’re still in school, so maybe I was jumping the gun by adding ‘& Sons’ to the name. Still, it’s always good to plan for the future.”

Chris and his seasoned crew also offer thorough snow removal services that will reveal any property’s bare concrete, as well as summertime lawn care complete with landscaping, hardscaping, gardening, organic fertilization, pond installation, and more. 

To learn more about what Chris & Sons can do for you, please call (701) 400-7878, email chrisandsonsllc@outlook.com, or visit facebook.com/chrisandsonsllc.


By David Scheller