Superior Products, Professionally Installed, at a Guaranteed Low Price

If you were asked to describe a horrible room, what is the first word that would come to mind? “Windowless.” The importance of great windows begs no explanation. Without them you can’t enjoy the beautiful weather, yet plenty of horrible weather will get inside your house nonetheless.

Luckily we have Window World of Fargo at our service. They offer the high standards and quality materials characteristic of a nationwide brand with over 200 locations, and also the best service a passionate, experienced and local entrepreneur is able to provide.

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“I grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin,” said Carter Broer, owner of Window World of Fargo. “My parents ran a landscaping business, and they put me to work at a very young age. I loved carpentry most of all and built my first treehouse in fourth grade. Looking back at the end of the day to admire something I made with my own two hands will always be my favorite feeling.

“As soon as I graduated high school in 2006 I went into carpentry full-time. Back during the recession a carpenter couldn’t make a good living by specializing in any one area. That’s why early on I learned as many trades as I could: siding, roofing, framing, flooring, drywall, and of course windows.

“I ultimately landed a job with Window World of La Crosse. I soon got to the point where I was managing all my own sales and installations, so I figured hey – did I really need a boss anymore? Opening my own Window World in Fargo was an easy decision. My wife

Melissa and I already had family here, and we were excited about the area’s strong economy.

“We have doubled the number of windows we install every year since our grand opening in 2017. Building up the team that let us accomplish that kind of growth took a lot of work. Between the tight labor market in the Fargo-Moorhead area and how much building is going on here, if a contractor doesn’t already have a lot of work, then there’s probably a good reason why!

“We don’t necessarily look for someone to come onboard with a whole lot of window installation experience. What we do want are people with the best possible work ethic, a strong aptitude for the kind of work we do, and the ability to retain their training. We now have seven in-house installers in addition to our full-time dedicated office staff, all trained by me and capable of taking on projects of any scope. And let me tell you, we could always use more good people.

“Our high quality windows perfectly complement our installers’ great workmanship. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old one, our proprietary, American-made, and maintenance-free windows are certain to add long-lasting value to your property.

“The Window World team personally oversees the production of all the materials we use. We exclusively manufacture with new production vinyl, which isn’t nearly as prone to fracturing with age and stress as remanufactured vinyl. We offer three different types of window glass to let our customers pick the best available option for their budget, as well as a range of color options.

“All of our Energy Star rated windows come with a lifetime warranty. That covers glass breakage for any reason, including kids who picked the wrong place to practice golf or baseball, all mechanical parts including locks, vent stops and balances, any possible defects in material and workmanship, and even labor. Our warranty is also transferable if you ever decide to sell your home, because we never stop standing by our work.

“No two properties are the same, so we would like to assess yours in person. If you live within 80 miles of Fargo, you only have to call to invite one of our design consultants to your home. They will give you multiple, exact estimates depending on your budget and style.

“We guarantee that nothing could happen during installation that will cause your price to go up. Our cost could go up if we made a mistake, but we haven’t once asked a customer to pay extra since we opened for business. We simply don’t play the upcharge game.”

Window World of Fargo certainly focuses on windows – it’s in their name – yet they apply their same passion for superlative workmanship to patio doors, entry doors, and siding as well. To learn more about all they have to offer and schedule a free quote, you need only visit or call their office at (701) 526-4545.


By David Scheller