The holiday season is filled with the hustle and bustle of crossing things off lists and checking them twice. We are here to help! Workshops are a great way to stop, gather, and create with friends and family. From Spruce Tip Pots to Centerpieces and everything in between, there are many ways to get your home holiday ready.

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Workshops offered:
Spruce Tip Pots – A Spruce Tip Pot is perfect to decorate the outside of your home. Created using soft, lush greens like Spruce, Norway, and Pine, each container is pack-filled and lasts all winter long. Add berries, pinecones, birch branches and more to match your personal style and taste. You only need to water your container once it is frozen in. Once frozen there is zero maintenance.

Evergreen Hanging Basket – An Evergreen Hanging Basket is perfect to hang outside where you would normally hang your summer annuals. Each basket is created using elegant greens that fill out and cascade over the edge like Norway, Pine, and Cedar. Just like the Spruce Tip Pots, holiday décor can be added to match your personal style and taste. Keep watered until frozen. Once frozen there is zero maintenance.

Kissing Balls – A Kissing Ball is a magical globe of greens that can be hung in a tree or any available hook. They are created using clippings from an assortment of greens to fill out its shape. Spruce, Pine, and Cedar are just a few that work well in creating a solid, yet soft shape. Add berries, pinecones, or other holiday décor to match your personal style. Once your Kissing Ball is frozen in you are good to go all summer long.

Swags – A Swag is a great outdoor addition to spruce up a door or to hang from light fixtures around your garage door. Swags are easy and quick to make created with greens like Balsam or Norway as a starting base to create an upside-down fan shape. From there Pines and Cedar are layered to create texture and a welcoming scent.

Thanksgiving & Holiday Centerpieces – Centerpieces are the perfect indoor addition for any table or mantle. Choose from a festive container, with no drain hole, to hold an assortment of greens. Spruce provides great filler, while Pine and Cedar offer a fresh scent perfect for warming your home. Add any sort of holiday décor like berries, branches, or pinecones to help transition from one season to the next. Centerpieces must be kept watered for a longer life span. Treat these like a fresh-cut flower bouquet.

Whether you choose one or all, we will teach you how to create each project making sure you take home a product you can enjoy for the holidays. Once each outdoor project is finished Wilt Stop is applied to all greens to help lock the moisture in the greens and to help prevent them from turning brown.

Workshop Safety Practices:
To ensure a safe, creative experience for everyone we have adopted the following measures this year. All attendees must wear their mask. All attendees must bring their favorite pair of gloves and their own trusty pruners. Each workshop will have no more then 12 attendees to ensure enough space for social distancing.

Join us this holiday season and create something magical to decorate your home!