If Andrew Hershey only wanted to make ice cream, he would still be a saint. The world needs good ice cream and can’t exist without people like him.

Andrew isn’t content to do only one kind of good, however. As hard as it sounds to top ice cream, with FOMO 10/40 he hopes to do even better – by helping the poor lift themselves up via capitalism.

Andrew spent the entirety of 2017 traveling the world. It wasn’t a light-hearted romp across white sand beaches, but an expedition through some of the poorer countries including Morocco, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and rural China.

“I worked ice cream research into my overseas tour, asking people wherever I went how they made theirs.”

“A lot of people in those places have great ideas for businesses,” said Andrew, “but no way to start them. They don’t just lack funding. They also need tools, resources, and guidance on how to make a business grow. I believe if those potential entrepreneurs were given a chance to thrive, they would not only provide for their families. They would help lift their entire communities out of poverty. Locally-owned businesses are the key to long-term change and growth.

“If I’m going to teach business overseas, I have to learn it first, and then I have to fund the mission. That means growing FOMO 10/40 into a successful company. The ‘10/40’ in the creamery’s name refers to the countries between the 10th and 40th north latitudes. The people in that zone face the highest danger, the most persecution, and the least amount of freedom in the world. ‘FOMO’ is an acronym that means ‘fear of missing out,’ but to me it also stands for ‘focus on missions overseas.’ My ultimate goal is to start funding missions to help the countries I visited three years ago. Being able to focus on education and meeting physical needs can break the chains of poverty and bring a long-term impact.

“I didn’t choose to make ice cream at random! I’ve loved it ever since I was a little kid. Playing little league and going out for ice cream afterward … all the excitement, and everyone laughing while they ate it … those are my favorite memories, and I want other people to have them too. I’d like FOMO 10/40 to be a place where families and people from the community can really connect.

“I worked ice cream research into my overseas tour, asking people wherever I went how they made theirs. I found the style I like most – a sort of gelato that’s rich, creamy, and smooth to the tongue. When I found a machine I could afford I bought it, but I sure didn’t know how to use it! After a lot of trial and error, and with generous support from the community in the form of taste testing volunteers, I finally discovered how to make a truly exceptional batch of ice cream.

“FOMO 10/40 had its grand opening on May 31st last year. I set up a trailer in a park, and got an amazing outpouring of support. As of November I partnered with Boneshaker Coffee to serve ice cream there on weekends year-round. Moving forward I want to start setting up my trailer outside of small local businesses, encouraging people in the community to shop there so we can all grow together. Building those kinds of relationships is a really important focus of mine right now.

“I try my best to get all of my ingredients from local businesses. I also use the freshest fruit possible. My flavors are inspired by countries in the 10/40 window, like Pakistan Pistachio, China Chocolate, Bangladesh Bubblegum, Thailand Triple Berry, Lebanon Lemon Sorbet, Persian Peaches and Cream, Egyptian Pyramid with salted caramel, Kazakh Mountain with mint chocolate chip, Ethiopian Espresso made with Mighty Missouri Coffee’s beans roasted right here in Bismarck, and Oman Oreo. Some of the flavors aren’t exactly representative of the country in their name, but at least they get people thinking about those places. You’ve got to have an Oreo flavor, too.”

The heart of FOMO 10/40 is to bring families closer together, inspire the community, and create lasting impact to the world. If you would like to learn more about their mission and their ice cream, please visit fomo1040.com.