Food trucks are a proud American tradition. They date back to the prototypical chuckwagon of the cowboy era, a little horse-drawn field kitchen presided over by a “cookie” who’d probably smack you over the head with a ladle if he caught you sneaking chili before your shift ended. Food trucks have also played an important role in Hollywood right from its start. Imagine working as a stuntman on the set of Sparticus during filming in Death Valley, sweat pouring down your brow after a long morning shoot, and your relief at the sight a food truck puttering down the road toward you.

Food trucks are now more ubiquitous than ever, but happening across just the one you want still takes a bit of luck. If only there were a special occasion, preferably in Fargo, where a bunch of food trucks gathered together so you could have any mobile cuisine you wanted … see what I’m getting at here?

The Fargo Food Truck Festival is coming to the North Dakota Horse Park this August to feed and delight everyone! The creation of Mike Schmitz of Midwest Sports Tours, this festival will give you access to North Dakota’s and Minnesota’s finest food trucks as well as a dog race like you’ve never seen before.

“All three days of the Fargo Food Truck Festival
feature something special and different.”

This year 20 trucks will serve their signature dishes at the track. We’ll see the return of many crowd favorites, such as Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts which provides real evidence that the smaller version of something can be even better than the original. The truly smart diners will douse their mini donuts in sweet blueberry, raspberry, or cinnamon sugar toppings. 

But you don’t want to fill up on donuts — at least until you’ve checked in at Chef Mobile. That truck makes a barbecue kielbasa sandwich so good that by all rights it shouldn’t exist, and their Cajun chicken sandwich will give any Louisianan culinarian a run for his money. The Driftwood food truck will be there to serve Korean beef, mahi mahi, and shrimp tacos that’ll curl your toes. Un-Fork-Edible will make sure Fargoans can receive their requisite mac n’ cheese and cheeseburgers, and if you’ve still got room after that you can see what kind of classic American fare the good folks at ‘58 Street Grill are up to.

Bismarck natives living in Fargo, rejoice: The Big Boy truck is making the trip out to bring you the summer drive-in flavors you’ve missed for so many years. Many die-hard fans take this opportunity to stock up their ice boxes with the Boy’s very best.

All three days of the Fargo Food Truck Festival feature something special and different. On Friday from 11am to 1pm you can get in without paying the usual $2 entry fee, so see if you can sneak away from work during your lunch break. Friday is also the day of the Sweet Tooth Taste Test, where many of the trucks will offer unique $3 desserts. Saturday has the Bloody Mary Matchup, a brilliant thing: Get yourself a Bloody Mary, and then adorn it with as many $2 skewers as you like from a variety of participating food trucks. Finally, on Sunday the festival celebrates brother hog with the Makin’ Bacon challenge. Every day will also feature an eating contest, one of the few remaining tests of pure athleticism.

The festival crescendoes during what is arguably Fargo’s most important event of the year: The Corgi Dog Race. Cheer for your favorite stumpy-legged furbag as he vies for the coveted first place spot in this high adrenaline canine rally. Corgis have been bred for a lot of things, but speed is certainly not one of them. Watching them chug their way down the horse track is a hoot!

The Fargo Food Truck Festival will take place at 5180 19th Ave N on August 14th from 11am to 9pm, 15th from 10am to 9pm, and 16th from 11am to 6pm. Skip breakfast that weekend and head on over for a great gas-powered feed!

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by David Scheller