When you have a landscaping project, your first stop should be a place where you get fast and personalized service from local people. Rocks and Blocks Landscaping offers patios, retaining walls, concrete curb edging, natural stone, decorative rock and gravel, as well as all your fabrics, adhesives, and vinyl edging. Big or small, they have everything you need to make your ideas a reality. They can teach you how to install your own materials, or they can do your whole project for you. And perhaps best of all, Rocks and Blocks is owned by three local guys who are dedicated to staying a fixture in the community.

“Our goal is to be everyone’s one-stop shop for professional landscape supplies and installation,” said Nic Kemmis, co-owner and installation manager at Rocks and Blocks. “We have a huge retail yard where we keep our most popular landscaping materials, including the retaining walls and pavers that we make in-house. They’re competitively priced because we cut out the middleman, but much higher quality. They’re also why you can be sure you’ll have the right materials if you ever want to expand on a project in the future.


“Our big thing is just quality. We’re not out here to crush the market by any means. We just want to offer the best products. 

“When people come into our store, they’re looking for great ideas for their next landscaping projects. We have a huge selection of affordable materials in stock. But if we don’t have what you want, like a certain certain style outdoor ceramic tile or exotic stone, we will get it for you. We have good connections to all the major manufacturers and suppliers after more than a decade in business.

“Rocks and Blocks will help you do your landscaping project all by yourself. Come ask our team of experts any questions you might have about the materials you should use and how to install them. We’ll walk around your home with you and tell you what a layman should know about the property before landscaping it. We’ll even design your project for you based on the info you give us.

“As a one-stop shop we also offer complete installations. We have many connections throughout the community, and supply a lot of the contractors you may have seen working in your neighborhood. Our installation team spends many days a year solving issues created by poor landscaping. We love when homeowners or other contractors ask questions or pick our brains about how to do the job correctly. There is nothing worse than spending time and money on a project only to have to do it again. At Rocks and Blocks, we are here for you and will answer any questions or help design a project for you to ensure it’s done right.

“We stand behind our installations just like we do our materials. We want to feel proud when our customer tells their friends ‘Rocks and Blocks did that for me.’ When people see the quality we put into every job, the speed and accuracy we work with, and the finished landscape? That’s how we make sure they’re going to keep asking us back to their homes.

“We got a phone call the other day. Our customer’s daughter just got married and bought a house. He wanted us to build her new patio. That’s our favorite kind of call to get.

“A business can’t be more local than Rocks and Blocks. We only bring on people who know the area – guys who are local to North Dakota, and who know how to work for their neighbors. You’ll see us around town, dining out at restaurants with our families in the evening and going to church on Sunday. We’re all invested in our community, we’re doing the work that will continue to make us an important part of it.”

Just like they want you to have the finest permanent features for your yard, Rocks and Blocks wants to be the finest and longest lasting landscaping company in the Bismarck area. However much help you need during your next landscaping project, they’re the ones to count on. You can learn more about Rocks and Blocks at rocksandblocks.com.



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By David Scheller