My father took me to Germany when I was 12 years old. Late one night in the island town of Lindau, the hotel he had booked a room in was already full upon our arrival. “Eet eez not possible,” repeated the polite receptionist, slightly bewildered by the increasingly agitated Amerikanisch standing before her.

He should have hired Country Travel. Their mission is making their clients’ trips as enjoyable, uncomplicated, and safe as possible. Locally owned and operated, Country Travel’s career consultants Kim Erdmann and Danielle Wetzstein take the time to fully understand their clients’ unique needs, tailoring the perfect vacations for each of them. 

Unlike call center travel advisors, Kim and Danielle are not obligated to sell rooms at certain resorts and cabins on certain cruises. Instead they use their professional connections and combined decades of experience to personalize and enhance the value of their clients’ travel.

“If Country Travel has areas of specialty, they would be Europe, Alaska, and the Caribbean,” said Danielle. “But we do literally offer the world — as a full-service agency, we handle everything including business travel, destination weddings, and month-long cruises, and plan it anywhere on earth from start to finish.

“What most distinguishes Country Travel from other agencies is how well we understand our clients’ expectations for their trips. From the minute you walk in we begin learning what you like and dislike, and use that knowledge to put together a travel package catered solely to your preferences.

“Kim and I can tell you everything there is to know about a destination, right down to its number of swimming pools. Whether you want to lay on the beach or embark on adventures, we’ll make sure you go to just the right place. We have insider’s information on resorts and hotels across the world. If they’re reviewed poorly by other travel advisors and their clients, we will warn our own clients against staying at them. 

“If many of your friends and family are traveling to the same destination, they can all book directly through us, wherever they live. We’ll make sure everyone has their passport in order, arrange for any special needs or accommodations they may have, and closely monitor the weather leading up to their flights.

“We take special care to ensure bad weather doesn’t keep our client from arriving on time. We also keep their destination in mind while planning their vacation. We’ve saved people from booking flights to Thailand during monsoon season before!

“If you’re concerned that you may miss a connecting flight, experience a problem with your accommodations once you arrive, or, heaven forbid, have a medical emergency, you will have our phone number — and we did not become travel advisors ever expecting to turn our phones off. We’ll contact airlines, resorts, and even insurance companies to fix any problems as soon as they occur.

“You’re not a just a number to us. At Country Travel, we know you by name!”

Whether you want to plan a private getaway for your anniversary, or fly your extended family from all over into Cancún, Country Travel’s personal and methodical approach will make the expedition a smashing success. Learn more about engaging The Bismarck-Mandan area’s premiere travel authority at!


By David Scheller