“It was just curiosity that got me into homebrewing in the first place,” said David Duma of Gideon’s Brewing Company. “One day my buddy back where I used to live in Virginia said ‘Hey, let’s try this,’ so we did. We had our fair share of setbacks, just getting into it, like any other rookies would. We learned the hard way that a conventional plastic tube will melt if you try to drain mash with it. But when the reward for homebrewing is your very own beer, you keep wanting to press forward.

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“Starting out, I never expected to turn my hobby into a full-scale operation. But when I moved back home to North Dakota, I figured why stop trying? We found a place out in Lincoln, which we turned into a real nice brewery — Gideon’s. We were there for a year and a half before the big move to Laughing Sun’s old location in downtown Bismarck last September. The building was pretty much gutted when we moved in, but with all of our original equipment all we needed to do to open up was put in a new fermentation tank and do some minor plumbing and electrical stuff. A pretty easy move!

“Our new taproom is beautiful, with an industrial atmosphere that lets you feel like you’re drinking in a brewery — which you are. You can see all of our tanks and kettles brewing away through a big window. Our tables are made out of old wire spools, sanded and stained and covered with plexiglass. The nice thing about them is that they’re round, so you get to see everyone at the table. We built a new stage for live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays, and as NDSU Team Makers we always make sure our five TVs are tuned to Bison games. You can even bring in your own personalized mug, which we’ll keep ready for you at the bar. I’d say the whole place has an atmosphere like Cheers, ‘where everybody knows your name.’

“Our goal has always been to make our customers happy, simple as that, and as a brewery that means making the beers people want to drink. For example, when Gideon’s first opened, we didn’t have a dark beer, which people made it clear they wanted. We developed Gideon’s 300, a stout that we let age for a little longer to give it a creamier flavor, and which has subtle chocolate and coffee notes. It’s made everyone happy. Our Burleigh Blonde Ale, which has several kinds of hops that give it a fruity, floral aroma without giving it an IPA’s bitterness, has become really popular as well. I’m personally especially fond of our Hilltop Hefe, a classic Hefeweizen that we garnish with orange and lemon peel.

“Our lager is great on a hot day, but we also use it to make Bloody Mary beers on Saturdays. Come in from eleven until five and you can have a pint or two made with our own spicy clamato mix, with all the bloody fixings. We’re going to start brewing our own seltzer from malted corn sugar soon, too. We pretty much had to, since we’re committed to giving our customers what they want, and every other 20-something you see coming out of a liquor store these days has a case of hard seltzer under their arm. We think they’ll be pretty happy to see how much better we can make it locally!”

Gideon’s Brewing Company’s fine beers are currently available at a few restaurants throughout the Bismarck-Mandan area, but beer is always best enjoyed on-site. You can visit Gideon’s new location at 107 N 5th St in Bismarck, or visit gideons-brewing-company-inc.business.site to find out more!


By David Scheller