Shopping for jewelry can be daunting. Few of us could say very much about precious metals and stones just by looking at them, so we must rely on jewelers’ expertise in the matter. The occasions for which we buy jewelry may be the most special of our lives, so leaving things to chance simply will not do. That many stores incentivize their staff to sell aggressively can be off-putting, and to entrust a beloved heirloom to a new acquaintance for mending demands the highest degree of confidence in their abilities.

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The people of Schmidt’s Gems & Fine Jewelry, the Fargo-Moorhead area’s preeminent jewelry store, are well aware of these dilemmas. That is why they are committed to staying forthright in everything which they do, and to always keeping their clients’ best interests first in mind. You can not have dealt with such devoted jewelers if you have not yet been to Schmidt’s in Fargo.

“When it comes to our team, our philosophy is ‘the need of the client,’” said Brenda Giere, the owner of Schmidt’s for 16 years. “There are no commission sales in our store. That makes Schmidt’s a collaborative effort: Each of our staff are equally invested in providing the best results to our clients. So long as you are happy after your visit, then so are we!

“People these days are bombarded with marketing and discount offers. We have never gotten involved with such tactics. We do have a discount case for items that have been in our store for over one year, simply because we prefer to keep our selection fresh and new. Outside of that, we work on bottom-line pricing. Our prices are fair — and, importantly, transparent — the very best that our business can offer. You don’t have to flag down the manager for a special price on a piece at Schmidt’s, because that price is already displayed right alongside it.

“One of the greatest things about Schmidt’s is that we are able to do whatever our clients would like right in our store. Our goldsmiths use a state of the art CAD/CAM software program that can redesign any existing piece of jewelry, restore it to its original condition, or create a new piece altogether. We can even repurpose a ring’s stones and metal to create a new one that carries just as much sentimental value as the original. It’s a wonderful way to preserve or reimagine an heirloom.  

“If you give us a photo of a piece of jewelry, or even a drawing of one on a napkin, we are able to bring it to life it in sterling, gold, or platinum. We can even 3D print a wax model of a piece before we create it for you, complete with stones, to give you a perfect idea of what the finished design will look like!

“Our philosophy means that we sit down with each of our clients to learn their individual needs. We are very flexible — whether your budget is $100 or $10,000, the sky is the limit for what we can do for you. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ treatment here at Schmidt’s. Every project is unique to its client.

“From the man who wants to restore his grandmother’s engagement ring and propose with it, to the newly engaged couple after the perfect wedding bands, being a part of those moments is precious to us. It is a privilege and an honor to work with so many people and create pieces that are pivotal to their lives’ journeys.”

Whether you would like to browse the new pieces for sale at Schmidt’s Gems & Fine Jewelry, restore one of your treasures to its original splendor, or create an entirely new one, their staff are standing by to show you that their store is anything but conventional. You may learn more about Schmidt’s at, or visit in person at 3241 42nd St S in Fargo.


By David Scheller