“Diet and exercise.” Anyone looking to lose a few inches is certain to know those two words well — but that short list will soon include lasers! And when it does, we will have Body by Zerona to thank.

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Body by Zerona is a cutting edge body sculpting service that ironically requires no cutting edges at all! It is offered by the same good people behind Mees Physical Therapy, who utilize Erchonia lasers to treat a wide range of conditions. Their Zerona Z6 is the world’s first laser designed specifically for body contouring. Clinically tested, noninvasive, and cleared by the FDA, the Zerona Z6 represents the future of fat loss.

“Erchonia, the company that makes the Zerona Z6, is a preeminent medical device manufacturer,” said Melissa Mees, PT. “We have witnessed time and time again how well their other laser technologies work for physical therapy. Erchonia has conducted the highest level studies on the Zerona Z6 and proven it effective. We have verified their findings for ourselves as well. I have used the Z6 myself, and lost inches around my waist!”

“The science behind the Z6 is understood completely,” Melissa continued. “The energy that emanates from the device’s six diodes gently opens up the membranes, or ‘skins,’ of fat cells. This shrivels up the fat cells, and liquifies their contents so that the body can expel it naturally.”

“Unlike liposuction, the Z6 does not remove or destroy fat cells. That means the procedure won’t change the way that fat distributes in your body, preserving your natural figure.”

Body by Zerona’s laser treatment is able to target specific problem areas — everywhere from the neck to the ankles. Whether you would like to tone up your midriff in preparation for a cruise, take the last measure needed to look stunning in your wedding dress, or address some problem area that has arisen after a holiday season well celebrated, the Zerona Z6 will be your best friend. It may even lessen the appearance of cellulite and help to alleviate symptoms of IBS!

Receiving fat loss treatment at Body by Zerona is easy. Following your initial consultation, you will be asked to make eight visits over the course of four or eight weeks. The procedure itself takes 40 minutes: 20 minutes on the back, and 20 minutes on the front. It is so painless that many people take their treatment session as an opportunity to nap! You may also opt for ten minutes on Body by Zerona’s shake plate following your sessions, which improves lymphatic drainage to speed up fat loss.

People who experience the best results from treatment at Body by Zerona also engage in a healthy diet and regular light exercise. Melissa and her team wish to emphasize that the Zerona Z6 is a solution for fat loss, not weight loss. It fully preserves muscle tone, in fact, so that people can still enjoy their normal strength and range of movement.

The results speak for themselves. On average, a person who receives treatment at Body by Zerona experiences a 3.72” reduction in body size. One recent patient, a 73 year old woman, lost 9” over the course of her eight week treatment!

“Body by Zerona is not making supermodels,” laughed Melissa. “Our goal is to help give you a healthier body so you can look the way you want to, stay active, and keep doing what you love to do!”

Body by Zerona is located in Reclaim Health at 2730 Paintball Way in Lincoln. You can call to schedule an initial consultation at (701) 955-2102, or learn more at bodybyzerona.com


by David Scheller