The Anderson brothers not only fell in love with skiing when they first tried it out in the 1970s, but wanted to share that newfound passion as well. The entrepreneurs thus found an conveniently placed steep slope just 90 minutes southeast of Fargo in Kensington, MN, and opened Andes Tower Hills. Now nearly four decades later their wish has been fulfilled: a world-class ski resort where anyone from the tri-state area can go to shred to their hearts’ content.

Soon after their grand opening, the Andersons learned that it is better not to leave snow conditions up to chance. Natural snowfall is far too unpredictable to ensure that skiers and snowboarders always have what they need to practice their art. That is why Andes Tower Hills is now home to a state of the industry snow making system, which is able to carpet their trails in white stuff before the ground has even frozen! Because of it Andes Tower Hills regularly manages to be one of the first ski areas to open in the Midwest every year.

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Andes Tower Hills has got trails to accommodate every skill level. If you have never before ridden on skis, or you’ve got a young one who is just getting their bearings, the resort’s bunny slope and easy to ride magic carpet lift will make the sport accessible at once. And if you’re already an alpine master, Andes Tower Hills’ several black diamond trails will give you the formidable terrain you need to challenge yourself upon. With three chair lifts and over one dozen trails to navigate, including the bracing new woods run Vegas Boulevard, a day at Andes Tower Hills never feels repetitive.

Andes Tower Hills caters to everyone, not just the skiing and snowboarding crowd. A new magic carpet lift has just replaced the rope tow at the tubing hill, making it easier than ever to blast down the slope on a big, inflatable donut. Those who prefer tranquility through athleticism love exploring the 800 acres dedicated to cross-country skiing at Andes Tower Hills, and they come from far and wide to do so. Even novel fat tire bikes are welcome on their own dedicated trails.

Whether you’re very new to skiing or snowboarding or would just rather leave your equipment at home, Andes Tower Hills’ complete rental and pro shops provide just the gear you need to make the most of your trip. Any of the staff there, devoted skiers and snowboarders one and all, will help to make certain that your rental gear fits just right. And if you would like to buy the finest new equipment by Atomic, Head, or Rossignol, no place could be better to do so. You may not only try it out right there on the slopes, but will receive a discount on a season pass with your purchase!

Andes Tower Hills has an inviting atmosphere, and is a perfect place in which to spend a beautiful Midwestern winter’s day with the kids. Family men themselves, the Anderson brothers decided not to include a bar on their premises that could lower the tone of a wholesome ski resort. (Drinkers fear not: There is a good bar in town.) And if you would rather not worry about driving on the day of your adventure, you are in good hands! Andes Tower Hills’ coach bus will pick you up in Fargo or along the way on Interstate 94 to take you to the resort in style. You can learn all about the new coach service as well as everything the Midwest’s best ski resort has to offer at

By David Scheller