Christmastime is a cascade of special moments, and with the exception of the church they all take place right at home: Starring the top of the tree, kids berserkly unwrapping presents, the ceremonial presentation of nog, the annual screening of A Christmas Story, and as many traditional treats as there are families to enjoy them. It is no wonder why people like to feather their nests with lights for a holiday that revolves so tightly around their homes.

Decorating your home and its grounds with Christmas lights can be a formidable chore. Climbing a ladder is risky, especially during North Dakota’s treacherous winter months, and adding nails and staples to the exercise nearly requires the dexterity of a juggler. Rather than darken your holiday by creating a you-sized crater in your lawn, engage the professional help of Chris & Sons to turn your home into a festive beacon in the nighttime.

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Chris Tigges began professionally hanging Christmas lights in his native Texas several years ago. His pastor, a man uniquely qualified to prepare for Christmas, taught the aspiring entrepreneur how best to hang and position lights, how to tailor the strands to complement any style of home, and which decorating paraphernalia are of the highest quality.

“Christmas has been my favorite holiday since I was a little kid, and I’ve always been enthralled by its lighting,” said Chris. “It’s an art form when it’s done well, but that requires a lot of technique. I know how to unobtrusively install bolts and clips to a home so its lights can be easily hung every year, how to tastefully accent different trees, shrubs, and types of architecture, and how to avoid the kind of voltage problems that could put sour spin on an important holiday. I work with commercial grade C9 string lighting and rope lighting instead of the flimsier stuff you’d find at a big box store. My lighting not only lasts a lot longer, but can be fully customized and trimmed at any point to avoid unsightly dangling strands.”

Indeed, Chris’ method yields decorative lighting that is unique to every home he works at. The lights he installs, and eventually takes down, are his clients’ to keep. He even provides complimentary storage containers for his clients to tuck their lights away in outside of the Christmas season. Those lights are fully customizable as well, so they can be quickly recolored to be hung in honor of any other holiday!

Chris’ sole goal is to impress the Bismarck-Mandan community with his unique craft. He keeps his service affordable, provides free estimates, and is as prepared to install only a subtle few lights as he is to festoon a home with hundreds of them. Chris guarantees his products for life, and will inspect strands and replace faulty lights as they pop up free of charge. And if you opt to have the expert to your home next year, you may take advantage of his early bird special. It’s a special thanks he extends to homeowners who would have him work before the snow buries us all.

Homes are not the extent of Chris’ expertise. He is also poised to make banks, restaurants, churches, and all other public places as merry as can be, and his versatile lights make a fine permanent addition to any patio. It’s all part of his plan to build a successful business that his sons can join one day. (A forward thinking man, the “& Sons” part of Chris’ business name currently refers to boys who are still in school.)

“I don’t think many people get to enjoy their work as much as I do,” said Chris. “There’s no better feeling than waiting for my clients to return to see how I’ve transformed their homes, and driving around with my family every year so they can admire what I’ve done — well, you can just imagine that feeling.”

Chris & Sons stands for more than holiday decoration. Chris and his seasoned crew also offer thorough snow removal services that will reveal any property’s bare concrete, as well as summertime lawn care complete with landscaping, hardscaping, gardening, pond installation, and more. To learn more about what the enterprising Texan turned North Dakotan can do for you, please call (701) 400-7878, email, or visit


By David Scheller