Stonehome Brewing Company’s first location in Watford City, ND opened its doors to much acclaim from the local community back in 2016. Eager to present an encore, the restaurant and brewery’s co-owners opened their second location in the heart of Bismarck just last year. It is evident that their mission to show just how good gourmet food and craft beer can be is destined to be met with success wherever it takes them. Ever growing in popularity, even non-North Dakotans are increasingly making the journey to enjoy Stonehome’s superlative fare.

Whether you are joining friends to hold congress over beer or taking your family out for a celebratory feed, Stonehome’s menu is set to delight all. Their chefs prepare juicy rotisserie prime rib and chicken daily after 4pm, and their smoked short ribs are absolutely mouthwatering. And one of the newest additions to Stonehome’s menu, the wagyu beef burger, is the perfect marriage of Japanese and American traditions — simply delicious.

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Stonehome’s pizzas are hand stretched and baked in a specially made stone oven, giving them a rustic authenticity that is hard to find outside of Italy. To pick only one to endorse would be impossible. Try their New Yorker with perfectly curled pepperoni, even more diced pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms, or their Dough Bird made with chicken, mozzarella, gorgonzola, buffalo sauce, ranch, and a honey drizzle. Their Jalapeño Popper pays tribute to the classic bar app with sliced roasted peppers, bacon, cream cheese, a swirl of sweet raspberry puree, and a soupçon of honey. And for something more like what you would actually find in Italy, try their Margherita with roasted tomatoes, pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of pesto sauce.

Stonehome’s inspired selection of appetizers, pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, strombolis, and entrees will leave no palate wanting. And even if you are in the mood for lighter fare — something to accompany a fine in-house brewed beer, for example — the restaurant’s appetizer menu endeavors only to provide satisfaction. Their smoked salmon crostini with cucumber dill cream sauce, capers, shaved shallots, and exotic black lava salt are superb, just the cure for any North Dakotan who has acquired a keen fondness for seafood. Their homemade pretzel with applewood smoked bacon and a cheesy horseradish spread pays tribute to Bismarck’s proud German heritage, and their newly added pork belly tacos can make a meal all on their own if you are able to fight your friends away from them for long enough.

A brewing company, you might reason, ought to have great beer. Stonehome’s resident brewmaster Mike Philleo takes care of that important aspect of things with offerings such as Roughrider Red, a sweet ale with a malty backbone and rich caramel flavor, Dakotah Harvest, a refreshing German-style ale, and Six Stone Grand, a complex tangerine wit. Stonehome’s in-house beers are so good that you’ll wish you could take them home with you — which you can, thanks to that beautiful invention called the growler.

Every day brings something special to Stonehome. Daily and weekly specials on pizza, appetizers, and beer are all worth investigating in person, and their Seussically named Happy Tappy Appy Hours from 3-6pm and 9pm until closing bring budget-friendly ways of enjoying all that the restaurant has got to offer. Stonehome is all set up for gridirons fans, as their 17 widescreen televisions are fed by the complete NFL package. Game day is always more festive when you spend it out, especially when it is accompanied by its own unique food and drink specials. 

While your kids may not yet have had enough experience with money to appreciate when they eat for free, you certainly will if you bring them in on Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Simply order your own entrée and your kid’s meal is gratis! Masters of hospitality, Stonehome issues every child who would like one of their own complimentary dough ball to smash, toss, flatten, and otherwise enjoy as they see fit. A dough ball certainly beats crayons, which have been played out.

Even when Bismarck’s climate is too inhospitable for patio dining, which is altogether too often, Stonehome’s traditional decor with dark wood furniture, marble countertops, and a roaring stone fireplace creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that all will enjoy. And when the weather does cooperate, the rooftop of the tall building which Stonehome shares with First International Bank & Trust sets the stage for a gorgeous catered event.

“Something for everyone” is a promise often made but seldom delivered so perfectly as Stonehome does. Go there at 1601 N 12th Street in Bismarck to see how it all fits together, or add Stonehome Brewing Company Bismarck on Facebook @stonehomebis for more information including upcoming specials and events!


By David Scheller